Already making the rounds on some stock photos of Niner’s ROS 9, SRAM’s forthcoming X01 group is also popping up on the trails. Spotted on a recent ride, we got a few spy shots of X01 for your viewing pleasure.

Jump past the break for more.


The crank shown in the first picture has a grey stripe instead of the red stripe as sown on the Niner ROS 9 leading us to believe there may possibly be a few color options – that or it’s just a prototype.


The X01 aluminum crank appears to have an optional bash guard along with what is likely a 104 BCD chainring – which means 30t is probably the smallest compatible ring.


Forgive the focus fail, but it is indeed a narrow-wide chianring.


Predominantly black instead of silver, the X01 derailleur looks pretty similar otherwise. We believe the cassette on this bike is still an XX1, not the new XX0 cassette.  More when we have it.


  1. Just the xo1. Which is strange. The xx1 uses a xo crank arm with a different spider. The xo1 uses an x9 arm. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  2. so sram is making essentially 104bcd narrow/wide rings (on x9 cranks/spider), lower priced RD and cass for this groupo? shifter?

  3. So what’s the deal with the cassette body? When my current drivetrain dies later this year I’d be interested in going this way if there’s a way to retrofit the new cassette body style.

  4. In recent news, “SRAM finally acknowledges their inability to produce a front derailleur that favorably compares to even mid-range Shimano products”.

  5. I’ve been holding of on replacing my old frankengroupset since I heard about the X01. If I can get the alloy crankset version I’m in!

  6. really want to try a 1×11 setup but not willing to give up my hub at the moment to do it.

    BTW has there been any news on Hadleys xx1 freehub?

  7. BCD will be 96 mm, smallest ring with 30 teeth, prices are near XX1 but the XX1 stuff is getting more expensive, so X01 is the cheaper group 😀

    chain rings für 104 mm BCD will be available

    Colors: Red or Black

  8. Never really understood why the XX1 crank was ‘downspecced’ to the spidered version instead of the 1 piece carbon like XX. Having done that, now they are basically forced to differentiate by making aluminum XX0 cranks. When all is said and done the XX1 crank is still significantly cheaper than an XX ($400 in Canada at your LBS vs $575 for XX).
    I’ve raced on XX1 for the last 2 months (elite mens) it’s hard to compare it to anything thats come before because it is a dream drivetrain (Shimano fan boys should be praying for a Shimano version!!)

  9. @Shafty – I totally agree.

    I do wonder how stiffness compares between the carbon and alloy crank. Obviously the carbon version is going to be lighter, but as or more stiff? Not likely I think.

  10. I bet Shimano will enter the “11 cog war” with a 2×11 group. It happened when SRAM launched the XX: they came with a 3X10 group, for those afraid of the 2X10 being too short or long geared.
    For a very specific use, like XC or Enduro, 1X11 is amazing. But for an all-rounder like me 2X10 is a winner… And would only be beaten by a 2X11 group 😉

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