Looking for an alternative to bringing tubs of recovery drink mix to your races? The new Jelly Belly Sport Beans Recovery Crisps mix whey and pea proteins for 10g of muscle building aminos that are gloriously free of gluten and soy. The crispy pea protein center supposedly has the texture of a malt ball, with a whey protein coating and thin, hard “candy” shell.

The Sport Beans Protein Recovery Crisps are gluten free, peanut free, OUD kosher certified, and contain calcium, vitamin B and vitamin D with flavors and colors from natural sources. They’re available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Berry Smoothie flavors. Each serving (package) also has 20g of carbs with 16g of sugar.


  1. softreset on

    Was just about to ask… how do they taste? Usually if the chocolate is terrible that’s not a good sign for other flavors.

  2. gravity on

    They taste like Whopper candies that have sat in a vat of bile in a hot car for a few days.

    They’re disgusting and unnatural in a new, innovative way.

    Just eat an egg, people.

  3. KinkiCycle on

    @gravity-“They taste like Whopper candies that have sat in a vat of bile in a hot car for a few days.”

    Possibly the best description of a product I have ever read, they should have that quote on the packages. : )

  4. Bill on

    Does the chocolate melt? I could care less what they taste like, getting protein that can sit in a jersey pocket for a long ride and not be a melted mess is all I’m after. Plenty of rides not ending back where I started I survived on Shot Rox before clif killed em 🙁


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