FSA Hydraulic Brake K Force

After surprising the bicycle world with the announcement of their forthcoming hydraulic disc brakes at Sea Otter, FSA is set to officially launch their new stoppers soon at Eurobike. The brakes will be initially offered in the super light XC K-Force and Trail oriented Afterburner models. Both brakes feature tool free stroke and reach adjustability with a flip flop lever with an integrated asymmetrical reservoir to keep them compact and easy to service.

An interesting feature is the mention of front and rear specific hoses that is supposed to result in a more balanced brake feel – something we’ll be sure to get more info on during the launch. Built with magnesium castings, carbon composite levers, and ti hardware on the K – Force, individual wheel weights should be around 300g, with pricing set at $369 for K-Force and $289 for Afterburner. Availability is set for early 2014.


    • @Mindless, if they stick to what was told to us at Sea Otter (link at top) then they will be mineral oil. As for the other questions we’ll have to wait until Eurobike.

  1. with the jet theme, it could be called Tailhook.
    magnesium for the caliper too, or just the master cylinder? what has been done about magnesium’s aversion to heat?

  2. All, by instructions from the head engineer and marketing pit boss… we can only give over-view and not specifics since we have not officially introduced at Eurobike and Interbike. All questions will be answered at Eurobike per Zach’s comment… best secrets are the ones kept.

    However, Zach is correct on synthetic mineral oil (FSA formula for our o-rings only).

  3. FSA USA-“inexpensive” (cheap) I’d bet.
    Here’s to hoping history doesn’t always repeat itself( i.e. my previous remarks..aluminum crown races, ceramic bearing headsets, 4×94 bcd cranks).
    Keep pad/rotor clearances reasonable, heat dissipation in check, and harmonic vibration to a minimum and you may have something there…like your compression plugs. Seriously I do buy & use them and they are great.

  4. When I hear about magnesium brakes. All I can think about is avid XX 2010/2011 magnesium brakes that I had to warranty 3 times. What a nightmare.

    I am pretty sure you guys over at FSA did a better job than Avid.

  5. After my FSA crankset randomly decided to remove itself while moving. And poor customer service. I decided their parts are poorly designed, unsupported trash. I would have any FSA parts on my bike if you paid me!

  6. Myke – Hey sorry you had such a bad experience. At the events we attend, we have many more who are pleased and love FSA parts. We also hear about our competitors and how bad they can be whether parts or service so it depends on the experience. Again we hear even more about our competitors on how good they are just like FSA. Sorry again for the past, but our products are not stagnant and improving all the time. Maybe someday you will try us again… either way, keep on riding not matter what you on.

  7. I’ve never had any issues with FSA cranks. I would say that Myke’s experience of a crank falling off is user error. The bike is only as good as th mechanic that puts it together. You can most definietly feel when a crank is loose and stop before it even come close to coming off. FYI, to keep you bolts from backing out, just use a small drop of loctite and tighten to the correct torque spec.

  8. I have worked in shops for 10 years and I cringe everytime I have to call FSA for a warranty. Its like its always YOUR fault you have to call them. Absolutely Hate it. With that being said, I do like the OS99 stem for the price to weight ratio. I am not looking forward to these brakes because now its going to be my fault when I have to call and warranty the damned things.

  9. Was just riding along and the wheels fell off my car too. Must have been that it was a POS Dodge, not a Ford… nothing to do with not torquing the wheel nuts. We’ve all had bad experiences with either terrible workmanship (by either ourselves or a store with a new mechanic) be smart enough to not spout your mouth off, and keep it positive. Hoping these new brakes will give an option to Shimano’s dominance.

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