2014 Juliana Juno 650B womens full suspension mountain bike

Santa Cruz continues their relentless product launch pace with the new Bantam 650b mountain bike, and the recently announced Juliana women’s mountain bike brand benefits.

There’s a women’s equivalent called Juno. It mimics the Furtado but with a single pivot. Claimed weight for a medium Primeiro build is 30lbs (13.6kg). Other than colors, the frame itself is exactly the same as the Bantam. Where it gets women’s specific is in the spec. It’ll have wheels, bar, stem and crank size tailored to the fairer gender.

Close up frame shot, plus a couple more live actions of the Bantam, below…

2014 Juliana Juno 650B womens full suspension mountain bike

santa cruz bantam single pivot mountain bike

Zach got the press Bantam release up a bit before I could get my show coverage up, so here’s the pics from the floor.

Curious about the headline? Google “define bantam”.


  1. How does a wheel change to be womens specific? This is all a bit annoying, they have two lines of bikes but they are really all the same bike in different paint with womens specific wheels.

  2. @pfs: the wheels, handlebar & grip and saddle are different. in this case, the Juno is the same frame as the Bantam, but with different parts. In the case of some of the other bikes, there are smaller sizes than the Santa Cruz models (the Origin and Nevis models from Juliana). You gotta start somewhere, you’ll see more differentiation as time goes on.

  3. @Mindless : If your wife thinks Ms. Furtado’s name is “random,” I’m sure she won’t ride a Cannondale (a train station in CT), or a Raleigh (A street near the original factory), or an Ibis (where are these damned birds from anyhow?) or a Specialized (a misnomer if ever I’ve seen one – with such breadth in their line, they are certainly mislabeling their products). Do you like anything?

  4. @ Mindless, solid buying decision logic…

    @ dockboy, keep in mind when and how Specialized started. The first mass production mtb bike waaaay back and they only had one model. The name was accurate at the time. Fast forward to now, and they are in every market with dozens of models in each. Not every company changes names over their life but some do.

    Remember Gateway2000 computers? They dropped the 2000 from the name as the approached the millennium to prevent looking dated.

    Not sure Spesh should change the name just because they offer lots of products. They have isolated departments responsible for each main category and some well within them to make each one the best they can offer at a price point. No different than Trek, Giant, etc.

  5. Trek: a long walk (dumbest name ever)
    Scott: some random dude
    Santa Cruz: a beach town full of panhandlers
    Giant: A green dude on a bag of frozen peas
    Felt: stuff you put on a pool table
    Orange: a fruit
    Kona: hawaiian girl’s name
    Fox: a sneaky dog looking animal that is hunted by mounted englishmen
    Norco: an addictive narcotic

    I’m gonna stop there, but I’d love to hear more

  6. How about Juliana: named after Juliana Furtado, 3 x XC World Cup champion. 1 x DH champ and inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame… I think this is one of the best names for a bike company. Juli is one of the best.

  7. Don’t blame the messenger. No worse than you smart*sses picking a bike because of wheelsize. About as much relevance to actual needs.

  8. @Mindless
    That leaves the Juliana Juno on the table. I don’t see the relevance of your comment.

    Specialized started out by importing Italian components into the US. Their first bikes were road bikes and they came two years before the Stumpjumper.

  9. I thought it was Friday…@mindless- I totally get it with the mrs. Unless a girl was racing in the early 90s and runnin yetis or gt she wouldn’t know who the hell furtado was. Probably safe to say most if not all guys who post here have wives/girlfriends who have no idea who furtado is. It does prove that most replying are aging 40 to 50 somethings..Not hatin just statin.

  10. My wife has pics with furtado and juarez from ’94 worlds in vail right after the xc final and still refers to them as some girl and a really stinky smelly guy…

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