Look Revises Keo Classic and Blade, Announces Smarter Keo Power with Polar

While Look had a number of new products in the booth at Eurobike, the big news was what wasn’t there – the next generation of Keo Power. Continuing to work with Polar, Look announced the next Keo Power pedals will indeed use Bluetooth Smart transmission protocol which means drastically improved compatibility with computers and devices outside of Polar computers. The first version was based on Polar’s WIND transmission which was specific to Polar computers. The move not only opens up the Keo power system to other devices, but hints at future Polar computers with Bluetooth Smart compatibility.

What was at the booth however, were updated versions of the Keo Classic and Keo Blade. Check them out next.

Look Revises Keo Classic and Blade, Announces Smarter Keo Power with Polar Look Revises Keo Classic and Blade, Announces Smarter Keo Power with Polar

Look Revises Keo Classic and Blade, Announces Smarter Keo Power with Polar


The Keo Blades continue the use of carbon springs, but get an updated spring with an aerodynamic profile and improved cleat entry and release. Pedaling platform on the Blades is increased to 64mm and the new spindle reduces stack height to 13mm. 3 carbon blades are now available with 12/16/and 20 Nm tension ratings, and the pedals come in at and incredible 90g in Ti or 110g in Cr per pedal.

Look Revises Keo Classic and Blade, Announces Smarter Keo Power with Polar


The Keo Classics also get an update with a new bi-injected composite body for a single pedal weight of 139g.

Look Revises Keo Classic and Blade, Announces Smarter Keo Power with Polar

A new dimpled surface improves stability and pedaling comfort, while the release angle is set at 8 to 12°.




  1. Bluetooth or not, I think Look’s in a tough position with it’s power pedals with their high price, especially as compared to Garmin Vectors.

  2. did they change the cleats any or are they still using the same ones as the current keos? that’d be nice if they were the same.

    love the new blades. really may have to get a set…

  3. Really liking the new Blades. Eager to hear how well they get priced when they hit the market.

    Unfortunately for their power meter pedals, I think it stayed too restricted for far too long. It never really was a major player and now I really don’t see any reason at all to buy one over other options with Vector available if a pedal version is your absolute best option.

  4. So they partnered up with Garmin to get them their Vector’s and now they basically engineer their own competition by opening up the previous partnership with Polar? That’s smart.

  5. Don’t fear the Bluetooth Smart. It’s very low power, and if your smartphone doesn’t already support it, then the next one will. ANT+ is almost a thing of the past, and that’s a good thing.

  6. They didn’t partner with Garmin. Exustar makes the body for the Vectors. It just uses the Keo cleat standard like a lot of other off-brand road pedals do (like Wellgo).

  7. ANT+ will still be around a while as not everyone is hip to using their smart phone as a bike computer, and Bluetooth Smart’s penetration into the bike computer market is superficial at best.

  8. Look pedals axle and bearings become loose after two weeks of not so intensive use. Had three pairs of keo blades. Plus their customer service is crap.

  9. The carbon springs on my keo blades snapped after only three months of normal riding. Look wouldn’t honor a warranty because I didn’t by them from a ‘Look authorized dealer’. Their name is all over the damn pedal. Now I have a pair of 300$ look keos paper weights, and I would advise everyone to avoid buying these pedals. Carbon fiber is not meant to be used as a spring.

  10. Well I have a set of Keo carbon blade ti’s since 2011 with over 15k miles, the right pedal body cracked and they replaced it with a brand new pedal no charge. Guess you just have to be nice. Love Keos I have ridden the crap out of them since 2007 never servicing them and have never had issues.

  11. @badbikemechanic explain this to me…. http://www.formula1.com/inside_f1/understanding_the_sport/5285.html

    Buy products from authorized dealers and you wont have issues with warranty. Better yet find a local bike shop and buy from them, that way if you have an issue then someone that knows what they are doing can help you. Also if you spring broke go to a shop and get it replaced, replacement blades are like 12 bucks and labor should be under 10.. it takes 5 mins to do.

  12. +1 for what @goodbikemechanic said. I have no sympathy for someone who complains they can’t get good customer service for the product they bought through someone other than an authorized retailer.

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