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For a few years now, Speedplay sponsored pros have been seen with custom pedals for the classics like Paris Roubaix. The pedals feature a metal body with most of Speedplays distinctive Zero shape cut away to form a plus sign shaped pedal. The design, now called the Pave is designed to allow easier clip in should you encounter mud or dirt during your ride.

According to Speedplay the Paves are finally going to be offered to the public with details after the break.

The Pave body is completely machined out of steel to improve durability especially in gross conditions and is offered in both steel and titanium axles. The price reflects the amount of machining time needed to make each pedal with Stainless axle versions listed at $400 and titanium axles at $600. The pedals use the same grease fittings for lubrication as the Zeros to keep the needle bearing assembly rolling free. Each pedal also uses two cartridge bearings as well. Both versions should be available January, 1.

speedplay pave pedals brass knuckles20130916_0012

The Brass knuckle is also new for 2014 and features a thinner, lighter build than their Drilliums. While the pedals feature a 12mm axle the pedals are still pretty thin with a 13.5mm thick body at the center.

speedplay pave pedals brass knuckles20130916_0011

Offered in either a chromoly or Ti spindle, the Brass Knuckles use one needle bearing and two cartridge bearings per pedal with double seals. Like Speedplay’s other pedals the BNs are serviceable with a grease injection port. Traction is provided through custom torx shapes studs that thread into the CNC machined body.

speedplay pave pedals brass knuckles20130916_0013

Also available January 1, the Brass Knuckles will retail for $180 for the chromo and $400 for the Ti.


  1. Woah those Pave pedals look odd.

    Regarding the brass knuckle one, it looks heavy. The two most insane flat pedals I’ve had were Hutch Bear traps and Tewnty6 pre-runners. I had good luck with the bear traps somehow but shredded my shin with teh prerunner which had these pins that were like needles. They held like glue to a sole like vans waffle, but if you get bounced out of them it’s deadly.

  2. @dl I assume there’s something they can’t make work with the SYZR, hence continuing delays in getting them to the shops.

    Were there any in display on their stand, Bikerumor?

  3. In the 15 years I’ve ridden road clipless I have not once taken a pedal in the shin or any other sort of incident. I usually clip in at the beginning of the ride and then clip only when I complete my ride. I wouldn’t worry about the shape of these, guys.

  4. $400 for a pedal?? Bah…bah! What the hell are they thinking? That pedal isn’t nearly nice enough to justify that price! For less than that I can get a sweet set of Twenty6 Predators in a custom color combo, and they will be hand-made in the USA!

  5. Speedplay; with a whole lotta liberty from the old original coombe pedal. [if anyone remembers this piece of beautiful engineering from the early 90’s]. With a CEO as an avid pedal collector, it is no wonder there is some historical ruboff on this ‘new’ looking desgin.

  6. Looks rather Nazi like
    My existing ones take a lot of maintenance but I suppose speedplay like 11 speed stuff helps stop over training

  7. OK, let’s review:”The price reflects the amount of machining time needed to make each pedal with Stainless axle versions.” What a load of horse manure. The time it takes to load a billet into a CNC and have it spit one of these things out is minimal. Let’s keep it real and state it this way: “The price reflects the ignorance and gullibility of the typical consumer who believes that since the Pro’s ride it, purchasing them at a grossly inflated price will make them think that somehow the pedals will make them better, faster and more admired by the Tuesday Night World Championship shop riders…”

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