The new Feedback Pro Truing Stand has built in a wealth of versatility and upgraded features. The changes raise the price to $99 (from $79 for the original), but they’re well worth it.

For starters, it now includes axle adapters for 15mm front and 12×142 rear thru axles. The base is substantially heavier and more solid, and it comes with a bolt-on mount to fixing it directly to a work bench. Or, clamp it to the top of your existing Feedback Sports work stand.

The real stand out is the little adjustable dials that move the spring guide up to your disc brake rotor. Simply twist them to surround the rotor and make quick time in getting it straight again. Detail pics of that and their other new items below…


The one-sided arm design lets you easily true up to a 29er wheel without removing the tire. It also gives you unfettered access to the wheel, making it a bit easier to turn nipples right at the measurement spot.


The kit includes the two axle adapters that use an expanding quill catch to hold the wheel securely in place. A 20mm axle adapter is available for $10. It also includes the black bolt-on base and the heavy silver base.


The Velo Hinge pivoting wall hook holds up to 50 pounds (22.7kg). The base mounts flat to the wall, but the hook pivots 90º so your bike can swivel as flat against the wall as your handlebars will let it.


The hinge mechanism can be flipped so it’ll swivel right or left. Retail is $25 and it folds flat when not in use. A rear wheel bumper helps keep it from swaying.


Their RAKK display stand will now be available in a fat bike version. The base has been widened, as has the roller at the top of the spring-loaded arm.


The trick bit? The roller uses spacers that can be moved to the outside of the tapered wheel to reduce the width to fit standard mountain bike or cyclocross tires. Retail is about $5 more than the standard version.



  1. So is that only a rotor truing stand? Maybe I just don’t see it, but it looks like it only has a guide for the rotor, and not for the rim.

  2. @Engineer It appears to me that the guide slides along the arm and can be aligned with the rotor or rim. There appear to be other attachments on the bench that would assist rim truing.

  3. Probably the truing stand i’ll pick up when i’m ready to jump into that world. A friend has the nice Park Tools stand, and it’s a beautiful piece of equipment but i’d rather save some money and still get a reasonably solid stand.

  4. I like the looks of that truing stand. I have a TS-2 w/ the 29’er extensions, but it looks like this one would take up a lot less bench space as well as being quite a bit more portable.

  5. good for truing, but wheel building on a one-sided stand is the pits. Also, keep in mind, at $99 you’re essentially already spending half the price for a Park TS-2. All in all, it really depends on what you intend to use it for, as to whether this is a good deal or not.

  6. I’ve got the Park attachment with a dial indicator Rotor truing doesn’t work, as soon as you apply your brakes the rotor heats up and goes back to how it was before. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s had better results than me.

  7. Kinda hilarious that they display a Rolf (paired spoke) wheel in the stand since they are just about a lost cause when it comes to truing. I do like the threaded rod and nuts rotor alignment setup though.

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