For those out there who are Very Serious about their training, there’s a new app bringing athletic coaching into the cloud computing era. The Spark Motion app allows coaches and users to harness an iPad’s potential to help maximize their own.

Founded by a group of sports medicine professionals, Spark Motion counts World Champion triathletes, Ironman winners, and Olympians among its users. First, the athlete uses the app’s motion capture video to record their technique and upload it. Then, the athlete’s coaches and/or physical therapists are able to view, scrutinize as necessary, and offer verbal and on-screen visual feedback on the athlete’s mobile device. Even from the other side of the world if necessary (thanks internet!). And not just training advice, but even bike fitting…which could come in handy for custom bike builders.

Curious? Available plan details, more screenshots, and a video after the break…

spark-motion-golf-swing spark-motion-running

Spark Motion bills itself as ‘The Leader in Tablet Motion Analysis’. Dave Gottfeld, President and Founder of the company, says users of Spark Motion for bike fitting can benefit from motion capture in an authentic environment (i.e. not just on trainers). And the benefits of Spark Motion for those at a geographic distance from coaches/trainers are obvious. Currently Spark Motion supports iPads and, with some concessions to its more limited screen size, the iPhone with Spark Lite. Android support is on its way. The three levels of the app include, Spark Basic (a $9.99 one time purchase), the aforementioned Spark Lite for iPhone (also a one time $9.99), and the more feature-rich Spark Pro (a $5.99/month subscription with access to cloud storage and coach Screen Recorded Videos).

Interested? Check them out at


  1. Hmm.. Any consideration that there is no riser block under the front wheel in the photo.. Basically setting the rider up like they are riding down a hill??

  2. @JDog: As Matt said, her riding position would be basically the same going downhill. I could see her shoulders changing position a little because of the increased weight on her hands, but in the end this example has a steerer tube extender already installed, I just don’t see 1/2* making a huge difference….

  3. All – the images were all provided by the app maker, and we had to specifically request the cycling image. We’re thinking their focus is more on things like Golf and Baseball, etc., but we saw potential in this for coaches to help triathletes and roadies dial in their position while simultaneously looking at power data. For those that can’t be in the same room, it could be a good stand in or simply expand the reach of popular coaches.

  4. We have a high speed camera (60 frames per second) for use in bike fits. Does anyone know how many frames per second an ipad with this app can do?

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