Wheels-Manufacturing-PFBB30 Pressfit-30-eccentric-bottom-bracket

Not a whole lotta details on this one yet, but it’s pretty easy to figure out what it’ll do. Wheels Manufacturing is working on a PFBB30 Eccentric Bottom Bracket that’ll use the larger BB hole to give you room to move your 24mm spindled crankset around. It’s shown here with a road crankset, but the idea is to let you convert any PFBB30 frame to a singlespeed.

Pricing and availability are all TBD, and we’re guessing this is a pretty rough looking test mule given how polished their finished products usually look.


  1. Wheels Mfg makes top quality products. This isn’t new, though. Otghers have made it, and some internally geared bikes have been coming with this feature, such as the Raleigh Cadent I11.

  2. Also.. What is really clever is the standard Euro bb that works as an eccentric, (when using a 2 piece crank). Phil Wood makes it, but it is a fortune. Another company also makes one, but i forgot who.

  3. PS continue to copy. The BEER PF30 and BB30 eccentrics are tried and true, and come with Phil Wood bearings. Not to mention that they have more sophisticated machining and are probably lighter.

  4. It will be nice to have these available from a manufacturer with good distribution rather than a small, obscure company that LBSs can’t really easily access. Hopefully they’ll hit a pricepoint under $100. Those Beer Components BBs are nice, but $160?? Singlespeeds are supposed to be cheap!

  5. haven’t used the beer components one but have heard good things about it. the problem solvers one is complete garbage. most people aren’t aware but fsa also makes one that is reasonably priced and works well

  6. The Beer components BB sucks. It’s loose. It squeaks. No way will I get one.

    Wheels Manufacturing eccentric BB can’t get here fast enough.

  7. To “drew and not u”, Wheels MFG is easy to access. If your LBS cannot get their product, then they are not a competent shop.

  8. I raced a BEER EBB30 last year in a full cyclocross season. After multiple hours of use it would slip, until I used carbon grease on it and tightened it more. It never creaked. It is really helpful for allowing changing of gear ratios and chain length on race day. It is an awesome component designed by a CNC engineer who races bikes and I expect the PF30 version he designed works just as well.

  9. I’ve had no problems with my BEER Components EBB, which I raced the High Cascades 100 on this year. Incredibly dusty conditions, and while it did start to creak a bit towards the end, it was impossible to hear over EVERYONE’S creaky bikes!
    Cleaned, greased, torqued- no noise whatsoever.
    Now using it for CX on my XTJ- still no issues. Phil Wood bearings are as smooth as day one.
    I don’t doubt that WM will make a solid product, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

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