Formigli One Full

Are you looking for the One? Formigli thinks this is the one. The one road bike you need. It wasn’t long ago that Formigli was teasing their new One road bike, and as the company seldom releases new frames it’s a special occasion for fans of the brand, and custom carbon road bikes alike. Part aero road bike, part Gran Fondo bike, part race bike, Formigli claims the One offers a perfect blend of rigidity and comfort. As usual, the One is only offered as a made to order custom bike with your choice of colors in matte or glossy finish like the glossy McLaren F1 esque paint job above.

More of the One, next.

Formigli One Full headtube

Want custom painted, matching bars and stem? Formigli can make it happen. The front of the One houses a 1 1/2″ to 1 1/8″ tapered steerer with a high modulus carbon fork.

Formigli One Full down tube

Formigli One Full chainstay Formigli One Full seatstay

The One frame is constructed from T800 high modulus carbon fiber with a specialized lay up to offer both the stiffness and comfort Formigli was looking for. Calling it the highest performing and most comfortable bike Renzo has ever made, new carbon was employed to enable new shapes and tubes to create the bike. While the top tube and seatstays got smaller, the down tube and chainstays get bigger, all part of improving performance while smoothing out the ride.

Formigli One Full seatpost

There is also the curved seat tube with an aerodynamic shape to both stiffen the frame and make it faster. The non integrated but proprietary seat post is included with the frame, and painted to match – naturally.

Due to the custom nature of Formigli’s bikes, prices and geometries aren’t given. Have to know? Head over to Formigli and request a quote on a frameset or complete bike.

Frame Specs:

Bike Specs


  1. Collin on

    Boo, poor crank position/gear position. Currious on the MSRP on that build. With those wheels, group set, etc, I’m guess 12,000

  2. wheelguy on

    Looks like a nice bike, but I’m always amazed when so little care is put into setting up the bike for a photo shoot. Besides the cable and chain problems, the front brake pads are not centered in the second picture. Kinda contradicts there “attention to detail” marketing.

  3. UltraTorqueThis!Yo on

    Yeah, the wrench who built this machine is clearly not The One. Although he or she does have a fondness for valve caps (tragically, not hand-painted in matching orange). I’m not sure I’d opt for the “custom wheel set”…

    I’m also a little amused that this wannabe porn star Super Record-equipped bike has Ultegra pedals.

  4. drider on

    We just ripped the One to shreds. Tough crowd here, tough but correct; not enough perfectionist mechanics on staff to set the “One” up properly for a photoshoot? Shame.

  5. Nick on

    In addition to notes above, I see the valve stems, and shoddy photoshop all around.

    Frame looks cool, but next time leave out the pedals and put on a real road saddle.

  6. NotAMachinist on

    I want to play too:

    Next time hire a photographer that understands depth of field and is able to get the entire front end in focus. For bonus points also be fully inline with the bike when you take that picture.

  7. truerider on

    You road riders all have a huge stick up your ass. I bet none of you have ever made anything worth mentioning in your life. Trolls……

  8. greg on

    i make all sorts of stuff. i ride road but am mainly a mountain biker. i was going to point out every single thing mentioned, but these guys beat me to it.
    the one thing shimano that i think is okay on a campy bike is the pedals, but it should be dura ace. it used to happen all the time on protour teams…

  9. Star on

    I would ride it. I appreciate the very thin and comfortable seat stays, with the aerodynamics. Yep, dura ace pedals, are the ones.

  10. Eric@505 on

    @truerider: it needed to be said. +1

    The (majority of the) comments above (is) are ‘Exhibit A’ of why I’m a mountain biker. Seriously.

  11. Zach on

    First off, Ultegra pedals (or any other SPD-SL pedals) are the best pedals on the market. You see Shimano pedals on an otherwise Campy-equipped bike, and you know the rider knows the score.

    ANYWAY, this bike is not “the one.” Wack build and bad photography aside, this bike is just another derivative amalgamation of Colnago and Bianchi. Flashy stuff for slow dudes on the path.


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