OTB = Off-The-Bike things that make our lives more enjoyable as cyclists

Looking for the perfect pre- and post- cyclocross shoes? Look no further than the Bogs Classic High Boots. They’re made of four-way stretch neoprene uppers that are both flexible and insulative. In fact, they’re rated to a ridiculous -40ºF. I didn’t test them that low, but I have worn them for long days of standing around in freezing temps and been perfectly warm and comfy.

The tops have a wide opening, making them easy to slip in and out of. They’re also easy to tuck pants into, but not so big you can’t pull your jeans over them, too. Unless you’re a hipster.

Step past the break for more details and photos, plus a quick review of Snap-On’s industrial torque wrenches and bits that work just great for bike maintenance, too…


The Bogs have a hand lasted natural rubber outsole that’s plenty grippy, even on snow and such. They’re also waterproof, and at 14″ tall, should keep you warm and dry at even the nastiest ‘cross races.


Retail is $120 (check price on Amazon) and worth every penny if you’re standing around ringing cowbells (or shoveling snow or whatever) for any amount of time.



Snap-On’s industrial brands CDI Torque Products and Bahco make for great home bike shop tools, too. The CDI torque wrenches come in a variety of preset torque settings for common adjustments like stem, handlebar, seat post and brake/shifter clamps. We got in the 4, 5 and 6 Nm wrenches. When they hit the preset limit, they just click and spin, so you can’t really over tighten the bolt. The only downside is they can’t be used to loosen bolts, too, as turning them in reverse with some force can mess up the torque settings. Street price is about $24 each.

Bahco allen and torx bits for torque wrenches

The Bahco Impact Bit Magazine makes for compact storage and easy accessibility of the most commonly sized bits we need for our bikes. They’re held snugly in place, and each wing folds flat for secure portability. Street price is around $18. Bonus: They’re hollow, so they’ll even work on secure bolts for anything else you’ve got around the house.



  1. Gareth on

    Our shop loves the CDI preset torque wrenches. They are quick, easy, and idiot resistant (nothing is idiot proof). They are great for sales floor staff for making seat height adjustments and doing things like cleat installs. Only downside is they are disposable. CDI only guarantees accuracy for about 1000 uses, so we just replace the set once a year.

  2. goridebikes on

    FWIW, Ritchey makes a nice 5Nm preset wrench that you CAN use to loosen bolts as well, and the new version comes with a few bits.

  3. MattS on

    I’ve used Bogs through Ottawa, Canada winters for two years. We see everything from slush to -30C days, and I commute through all of it. Flat pedals and these boots work great, and you can tuck in your pants to keep them off your gross chain. Even without a front fender, the tall ones cover you well. For those days when the fat bike is required, they grip just fine on my vintage Shimano 636 clipless pedals; sweet!

    So yeah, these boots serve well through fall, winter, and spring; best boots I’ve ever owned.

  4. Sean R on

    Those boots have seen a lot of action here in New England, super comfy, warm, perfect. Stood in them for 16 hours at the last NEPCX race of the season.

  5. Rich on

    Alan – curious what is hip and cool to wear in Alaska right now? Because we all want to make sure what is cool all the way up in Alaska will pass for the lower 48 and be cool down here.


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