Scoshe Rhythm Smart +Looking for more out of your current heart rate monitor? What if it was more accurate, worked with all of your devices, and was able to control your music while you’re working out? That’s exactly what Scosche is offering in their new RHYTHM SMART +, an evolution of their current RHYTHM heart rate monitor. Instead of functioning like a typical heart rate monitor, the RHYTHM SMART + uses an optical sensor licensed from Vallencell Inc to continually measure blood flow and movement to accurately track heart rate and how many calories you are burning. The technology sounds a lot like the optical HR sensor built into the Lifebeam Helmet, though this is on your wrist instead of your head.

In addition to monitoring your vitals, the RHYTHM SMART + also has the ability to control your music with its Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ connectivity. Both Android and iOS users can download the Rhythm app to track their workouts, and also store data directly on the RHYTHM SMART +’s internal memory without their phone. Compatible with most fitness tracking apps like RunKeeper, Map My Fitness, Strava, and other Bluetooth HR enabled apps, the HR strap offers a number of options for the fitness obsessed. Water proof to 1 meter, and attached just below the elbow with a breathable neoprene strap, the device offers the ability to control volume and track when playing music from your smart phone. Pricing hasn’t been released, but expect it to be as much or more than the original RHYTHM which retailed for $99.


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