Trigon VCS06 full carbon fiber bicycle saddle with flexible rails

Trigon’s carbon fiber saddles, of which there are three models to choose from, are the kind of item that’s usually glanced at and immediately relegated to the “that can’t possibly be comfortable” category. After almost seven months of testing, I’m happy to report that such dismissive thinking would rob you of a very comfortable and very light saddle.

Not only is it one of the most comfortable saddles I’ve ridden, it’s by far the lightest. Other than padding, it gives up nothing in performance, either, thanks to flexible rails, center relief channel and a pleasantly curvaceous shell.

Flip through to see how it measures up…

Trigon VCS06 full carbon fiber bicycle saddle with flexible rails

Claimed weight is 85g, but this one came in at just 77g. Dimensions are 126mm x 273mm by my measurements. Rails are oblong 7x9mm with flattened end sections leading to the shell. There’s about 60mm of space on the rail to fit the clamps.

Trigon VCS06 full carbon fiber bicycle saddle with flexible rails

The shell’s shape is rounded across the back with a slight dip in the center, reminiscent of the Selle San Marco Aspide. It’s made of woven hi-mod/high-strength fibers.

Trigon VCS06 full carbon fiber bicycle saddle with flexible rails

The secret to the comfort, beyond the agreeable shell shaping, is the built in flex. I could firmly squeeze the shell and get a fair amount of movement out of it, meaning it moves with you just enough when pedaling. The flattened rails do the rest, soaking up bumps fairly well. I usually run road tubeless wheels/tires, and I usually plow through whatever chatter the road has to offer, and the combo of a tubeless set up and this saddle meant smooth sailing.

Trigon says it offers around 25-30mm of flex, which actually scares me a bit, but it’s going strong with no visual signs of fatigue. The rails are made using their HIPACT construction, which means solid carbon pressed under high pressure. They say it yields higher compaction/density, minimal voids and better strength. I’ve kept all 188lbs-plus-kit weight firmly planted on it while riding over plenty of bumps and ruts and, well, I’m still riding it.

Trigon VCS06 full carbon fiber bicycle saddle with flexible rails

Rails are bonded directly into the monocoque shell.

Trigon VCS06 full carbon fiber bicycle saddle with flexible rails

The central relief channel has open ports, which saves weight and provides easy access to seatposts adjustments like this. I’ve also mounted it on a straight ENVE post, which clamps it more in the middle of the rails.

Aesthetically, the shape is good. I’d prefer more muted graphics, or even a matte finish, but once on the bike, all that red stripy stuff disappears anyway.

The only real concern worth mentioning is that it can be slippery with some shorts. Actually, it’s a bit slippery any shorts, but some exacerbate the feeling. Once I had the angle of the saddle dialed, it was a non issue, but for those that ride with the nose aimed significantly up or down from level, there are probably better options. Or there’s grip tape.

Overall, I like this saddle a lot. I experienced virtually no numbness or discomfort regardless of ride length. Between testing other saddles, it’s certain to find its way back on my bike. Street price is anywhere from £99 to $205 (we’re waiting to hear back on official MSRP and where to buy it in the States).


  1. It is 126mm wide, therefore it may fit to people up to 10 years old… LOL!!

    It is indeed a generic chinese saddle, like anything with the Trigon sticker in it.

  2. Can someone send me a link to a review where people didn’t absolutely blow up any and every Specialized product?! is the center of the universe for people who complain and very rarely have anything positive to say. That is all.

  3. People “blow up” stuff because there’s TONS of room for improvement of bike parts.
    We have carbon fiber, which allows for any shape & design, yet somehow there’s still a bunch of crap being marketed.

    Apart from BR editors getting free stuff, this site serves well those manufacturers who desire fast feedback from a very, very knowledgeable crowd, even if that feedback is sometimes nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction.

  4. jeffe / il Bruce – added the dash in there, thanks for catching that.

    All – Trigon makes a lot of things for other brands from what we hear.

    PattyJo – there have been a few, but by and large, products these days are pretty decent. Trickle down effect has a lot to do with it. We also try to direct products we receive for review to the person here most likely to use such an item in their everyday riding anyway. So, that has something to do with it, but we try to state both positives and negatives fairly so you can make your own decision. Just because we like it overall doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Nor that it’s right for everyone.

  5. Tyler- I appreciate what you guys do here, and read your blog pretty much everyday. I just can’t help but think that there are some items you guys hop on and absolutely hate or absolutely love, but then write an on the fence type of review. I guess because the nature of the bike industry is filled with so much passion for one thing or another it is hard to have a blog be successful if you are 100% pro or negative.

    • PattyJo – there are a few things here and there I hop on and don’t like, and usually then either decline to review or pass along to someone else that might be better suited to that product. More often, though, I’ll hop on something and think I love it, but with enough time either that bears itself out or things settle in and some flaws surface. It’s rare that something maintains that Christmas morning glow forever. That’s why we don’t ever rush reviews just to capitalize on a hot new product. I’m sure you’ve seen that on some sites, where a one or two ride experience qualifies as a definitive review – it won’t happen here, we simply post first impressions on key items, then followup a while later with the full review.

      As for passion in the industry, you betcha. I imagine that’s why our comments can be quite lively and opinionated – people really care about bikes. And there are some very popular sites that seem to draw quite an audience being 100% negative/snarky/smart ass. We’re not trying to be 100% positive, but we decided long ago that there’s enough cynicism and holier-than-thou opinions out there, we’re just going to have fun with it and put forth the information in the best way we can. Readers can then form their own opinions (and share them in our comments!). Cheers!

      PS – as for this particular review, it’s been on my bike for seven months with zero issues or discomfort…I really don’t have anything bad to say about it. Except for the graphics.

  6. Trigon has for a long time been an OE manufacturer of carbon parts and frames. It is only recently that they decided to market as their own brand outside of Asia.

  7. Trigon is a legit company as comment above me describes. They don’t just manufacture but also know their carbon. Shape does look familiar and I’m sure they didn’t come up with it, but construction is where it’s at.

    I have had their full carbon VCS-03 saddle for about two years now, and someone before me was riding it for a bit. ~95 grams, but impressively executed and zero problems. Would almost mention it’s not even running oversized rails. It’s nowhere as soft as how Tyler mentions this one though, but comfortable for sure. The brand is a killer deal. While I might not buy one of their bikes because I can’t locate an LBS with them, components feel like a confident choice.

  8. I agree with the comment on the comfort. I’ve run one of these for 6 months in the past. It is surprising just how comfortable they are.

  9. I feel like that 25-30 mm of flex could be limited by your clamping bolts. I had a similar issue with an old seat post bolt limiting my Toupe flex. #justaheadsup

  10. I purchased the saddle for a bike I’m building and decided to test it on my present bike.Now I’m keeping it on that bike and ordering another for the bike build.I own one and now and based on personal experience and not nonsensical speculation,I fully endorse this absolutely great saddle!

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