You may remember Julian Da Silva’s custom Scott PKi2 Scale from last June. Heading into the race season for the year, Julian of Alex’s Bicycle Pro Shop was looking for the ultimate in electronic integration – which he created himself when he combined a K Edge Di2 system, and Alfine gear indicator, and Fox ICD lockout system all on the same battery. The race season has come and gone, and Julian reached out to us again, this time with an 11 speed upgrade for the PKi2 and a new Scott Scale DWi2 he put together for one of their team riders, Doug Deweese. After seeing and riding Julian’s PKi2, Doug had to have one of his own.

Check out the results, plus how to upgrade a Ki2 system to 11 speed after the break!



In addition to 11 speed, the PKi2 electro wonder bike is running the new Rotor REX1 crank on the new Shimano XTR M987 bottom bracket. Though the swapping of components the weight of the bike has stayed the same at 21.5 lbs.


The biggest upgrade is obviously the addition of one more gear which was made possible with the addition of a Shimano Ultegra 6870 RD. According to Julian, the RD 6870 bolts up to the K-edge Di2 kit exactly the same as the RD 6770. Once the swap was made, Julian made adjustments to the shifting via his laptop with the E-tube system which was all that was needed.

20130622_180653 20130622_181240

Obviously, if you’re going to run an 11 speed cassette, like the 6800 11-32 the bike is running now, you need an 11 speed compatible freehub. Julian says that Reynolds offers two freehub bodies for the Reynolds XC 29 carbon wheels he was running on the bike. The standard gold freehub body is 33mm long for use with 9 and 10 speed drivetrains. For 11 speed use, they offer a black freehub that is 35mm long and includes a spacer if you are running 10 speed. Add it all together and you have an 11 speed Ki2 drivetrain.


The Dwi2 Scott Scale started life as a 2014 Scale 900 RC frame that was given the Ki2 treatment, though it stays 10 speed and lacks the Fox ICD suspension. Weight for this beauty? 19.1 pounds without pedals.

abpsDSC_0232 abpsDSC_0238


  • 2014 Scott Scale 900 RC
  • Rockshox Sid XX WC
  • ENVE Carbon Clincher Wheelset
  • XX1 Crankset with Rotor QX1 spider 34t and 32t
  • Ritchey WCS Cockpit
    Tioga Spyder Saddle
  • Ultegra 6770 Rear with K-Edge Ki2 retrofit kit
  • XG-1099 11-36 Cassette
  • Shimano BTR2 9070 Internal Battery
  • Shimano XTR M987 brakeset


Julian has been racing his PKi2 Spark all season without issue in the Florida State Championship series which he finished 4th overall in the XC2 19-29 category. As always, thanks to Julian for sending these in, and thanks to Rodney “Too Low” Rodriguez  @officialtoolow  (@photobytoolow)  for the bike shots and the action shot by Mickey Rivera.



  1. matin on

    One photo of Spark shows front tire X-king Protection, second photo shows Schwalbe Racing Ralph. Also you didn’t mentioned wheel size of this Scale bike which I predict is also 29er?

  2. CXisfun on

    @Reformed Roadie: He only finished in the top 50% of his class once all year, and that’s in the sport class. Might be time to step away from the work stand and onto the pedals a little more…..

  3. Josh on

    Guys he’s a bike mechanic, not a pro racer. He’s doing this to gain recognition as a mechanic with the vendors and to promote his own LLC startup. You don’t have to be an expert pro with 5 tour win under your belt to legitimize a name for yourself. What he is doing is taking new technology and integrated it to segment in the industry that was not thought of before. It his applicable and functional. You may disagree that you need electronic shifting or an electronic lockout on a bicycle, but the fact is that the vendors already manufactured the parts and made them available, so obviously they saw a market for it.

    Shimano originally said it could not be done, and he proved them wrong. Then he took it a step further and went to 11-speed. He races on it to prove that the system works without a hiccup, which it does.

    Also the derailleur cage and spring is custom. I am not positive what is different with it, but whatever it is, it seems to be replacing the clutch function.

    The X-King was swapped out to the RR weighing the bike. I personally haven’t seen good results from the X-King with the Loose-over-hard scattered coral for the riding here. The 2.4 worked with better results, but the 2.2 sport and protection do not seem very happy in the front.

    You can hate all you want, but he has a legitimate reason to do this, and there is a legitimate reason his bikes are showing up in BIKERUMOR, MBACTION, and MTBR.

  4. Chris Watkins on

    I know Julian and raced against him and Doug all season in the Florida State Championship Series and his fully integrated Di2 Spark is beautiful and worked flawlessly all season at every race. I am glad to see a fellow FSC racer gain some notoriety for using the latest technology and bringing it to the world of mountain biking.

  5. Trailhound on

    CXisfun might want to spend sometime and energy on something positive. Sounds like a fun night looking up a FSC sport riders stats.

  6. Rodney TooLow Rodriguez on

    @ James Herrod It’s a waste of time being featured in numerous magazines all while being PAID to create this one off mountain bike & enjoy his creation racing with some of his very close friends/teammates ? Yeah tell me how being a hater is financing yourself buddy ? Keep proving everyone wrong Julian !

  7. Antoine Aden on

    Hello Zach, hello Julian,
    I like the bike’s clean and functional design very much!
    While I’m as well configuring a bike (a velomobile) with a Di2-System, I would as well like to combine Alfine display and Shifter with either Ultegra 6870 or XTR front and rear derailleur.
    If possible, pease could you help me with my questions:
    – At a velomobile I always have to leave out one of the eleven gears (pinions?) and replace it by a spacer. Can I disable one of the eleven positions in the Di2-System? If not, i have to find a mecanical solution.
    – If I take the 1×11 gears, do I need special versions of the firmware, to make Alfine-Display und -shifter work with Ultegra/XTR-derailleurs?
    – If I take the 2×11 gears, I’d like to have synchro-shift, does it work with the Alfine-Display?
    Many greetings from Germany and thank you very much for your answer.


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