Unlike most cyclists on the road, hunters who have taken to fatbikes for traveling to remote areas of wilderness are hoping to remain unseen, especially when it comes to the local wildlife. With the success of the Cogburn CB4 Real Tree camo fatbike, the company is introducing a limited edition bike which uses the Real Tree APS camo for stealth in the snow. Now, whether you’re hunting in the green of the summer, or white of the winter, Cogburn has you covered at least when it comes to your wheels.

More on the APS CB4 plus a sneak peek at their new frame bag after the jump.


Like the original CB4, the $2199 Limited edition APS model is finished in the US by Dynamic Finishes in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The frame is finished using a dipping process where a sheet of camo is turned into a film and then used to coat the bike frame. From there the frames are all hand assembled at QBP and shipped to dealers. Compared to a fatbike from Salsa or Surly, the Cogburn bikes have a more classic geometry which is more upright which offers better stability at low speeds, when carrying heavy gear, and offers better stand over making it easy to ride the bike especially for hunters who may not be experienced cyclists.


The frames are equipped with a number of rack mounts and braze ons to carry all your gear into the woods, and even come with a few things you wouldn’t expect – like a kickstand plate.


Cogburn said often that hunters are loading up their gear to the truck and want that ability to mount a center stand to get the bike equipped. From there hunters (or possibly trail builders) can use Cogburn’s gear carrier to carry bows, rifles, and fishing rods on the back of the bike. The trail builder comment came in because even though the gear carrier has a 10 pound weight limit, Cogburn said they have seen trail builders using them to carry trail building tools. The Gear carrier is $129 and is designed to fit the Salsa Wanderlust or Alternator racks, but will fit many others without much issue.



Finally, another product that isn’t just for hunters, Cogburn is working on a new frame bag that as far as they know is the first to use a curved zipper. Working with Eric Parsons at Revelate Designs, the curved zipper will offer better access to the gear than a traditional straight zipper. Cogburn expects the bag to retail for $150 thanks to the simple nature of the organization.


  1. MGK on

    You bet. Light beer drinkers ride 4-wheelers and those big roll bar 4-wheeler machines, whatever the hell they’re called. You can even smoke cigs, drink cheap beer, and use weapons. Load the kill on the 4-wheeler and voila, you don’t need to do too much work. With any luck at all, you can easily manage big game kill with a BMI greater than your IQ. Cheers

  2. Topmounter on

    Cool, so if I buy a small-game license and stick my Glock 35 in my pack, then I can go ride the Mount Evans Wilderness on my fatbike?

    Sweet, I had no idea.

  3. TGT on

    Only in the Lower 48 is there a problem with riding bikes in wilderness. Fat bikes are no problem in Canada and Alaska wilderness. Make all the jokes you want, but there are some seriously fit hunters out there that would torch most of the weekend warrior city posters on this site.

  4. Paul on

    Do these bike have a silent freehub or does every animal in the forest hear your clicking along? We used to install the shimano silent clutch free hub on police bikes so that crimals didn’t hear them coming. I hope that Cogburn takes a similar approach on sneaking into your hunting spot undetected.


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