Frostbike: Orange Seal Goes Subzero, Offers New Cold Weather Sealant and Fat bike Tubeless Kits

Yes, more fatbike (and cold weather) stuff. What do you expect from a trade show that was held in a city with feet, not inches, of snow on the ground? There has been a lot of experimentation going around with tubeless fatbikes, and why not? All of the benefits of tubeless are supersized on fatbike – much lower rolling resistance, no flats, and even more traction! While the benefits are clear, the methods are not. Much like the early days of mountain bike tubeless, fat bike tubeless is just starting to get sorted out. Orange Seal is one company leading the charge with their Fat Bike tubeless conversion kits, and their new Sub-Zero sealant. Many in colder climates have been mixing their Stan’s Sealant with antifreeze or other homebrew methods to keep the sealant working below freezing, but Orange Seal takes the guess work out of the equation with their new cold weather specific goo.

Frostbike: Orange Seal Goes Subzero, Offers New Cold Weather Sealant and Fat bike Tubeless Kits

Rated to work down to -20-30ºf, Orange Seal Sub Zero will do the trick whether you’re fat biking or just riding your mountain bike/commuter/whatever in the extreme cold. Sealant is sold in 8oz bottles for $14.49 which is just enough for two fatbike tires. Orange Seal said Borealis has been using the Subzero sealant on their Carbondale rims with great results at 40z per tire.

Frostbike: Orange Seal Goes Subzero, Offers New Cold Weather Sealant and Fat bike Tubeless Kits

Sub Zero sealant is also available in their Fat Bike tubeless conversion kits which include two 32mm valve stems, rim tape, and an 8 oz bottle of sealant. Kits are offered in both 45mm and 75mm tape widths to fit a number of fatbike rims. Fat Bike kits retail from $59.99 to $66.99 depending on the sealant and width.


  1. Bob Nunnink on

    Stan’s NoTubes Sealant is already good down to -20F. No need to add antifreeze.

    Stan tried to do fatbike conversions last year with just tape and a valve and found it was not a very user friendly solution. Same with creating a rim strip with an integrated valve. Only solution he came up with was a fatbike tubeless rim. We will have the Hugo 52 and Hugo 80 available mid Summer of 2014.

  2. Padrote on

    “good down to -20F” just means it wont harden in an hour. Colder weather probably makes it turn into a bouncy ball a lot faster

  3. Billy Whizz on

    This definitely won’t work on something like a Salsa Mukluk (Darryl Rims, Surly Nate tyres). There is too much space under the tyre bead to get a seal.

    The only way to convert this combo to tubeless is to use foam padding over the rim tape and self adhesive tape on top, followed by a split inner tube, ghetto style. I’ve done this and it works.

    BTW Salsa DO NOT recommend tubeless conversions. I asked them.

  4. Bob Nunnink on

    Billy is correct. Converting fat bike tubeless is not a simple as putting in some tape, a valve and sealant. We decided not to sell wide tape because it is not user friendly.

  5. Doug D on

    While Stan’s does not freeze down to -30ºC, it does stop sealing anything at a much warmer temperature. I have left a tire with Stan’s in it outside without a rim, and the sealant does not congeal or harden or change in any way for weeks at anything below freezing. One day there will be a sealant that works at low temperatures. I use Stan’s and have for years, but I will not pretend that its not being destroyed by cold is the same as working in the cold.

  6. Al on

    Gents- running a Nate and a Bud on Holy RD’s. No foam. Rear (with Nate) is run with split tube (no foam). Front is run with 3M blue tape (basically same as Stan’s). NO. FOAM.

  7. Jason on

    Ladies and gents;
    Ran a Bud and Lou on Clownshoes last year, nothing more than Rim Strip, layer of Gorilla Tape, valve stem.

    Stan’s sealed on the coldest ride I did, -12F

    The secret isn’t foam but setting the tire with a tube and letting it sit overnight, break bead on one side, remove tube, Stan’s it up…use a bunch, and seal it up

  8. Pete on

    Jason is exactly right, there is no need for a foam,half sliced tube or any other similar crap, I read so many ridiculous instructions how to do tubeless,whereas it so simple. All you need is a rim strip, one or two layers of Gorilla tape, Stan’s valve stem and sealant. First seat the tire on the rim with the tube, deflate the tube,break the bead only on one side,remove the tube,install the stem valve,hold the wheel with the loose side of the tire down,use a compressor to inflate and after the both sides are seated,deflate ,add a sealant through the valve,inflate and you are done.


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