Ground Control 2.1 Specialized Tire Actual Scale Shot Weight

Just last week, Specialized quietly released several new tires for the 650b wheel size. While they haven’t announced any intentions of offering bikes with the happy-medium hoops, customers and shop monkeys should be stoked on the new rubber. The Big S has a long history of offering quality tires and excellent prices.

Several of the new tires just reached our friends at Mike’s Bikes and they where kind enough to send over a few scale shots. First up is the new 2.1″ Ground Control tire, which at only 602 gm, came well under Specialized’s claimed 630 gm!

Ground Control 2.3 Specialized Tire Actual Scale Shot WeightOn a slightly more aggressive note, the 2.3″ version of the Ground Control  Butcher was 785 gm, which was ~65 gm over the approximate weight Specialized has listed on their website.

*Update* Specialized gives the approximate weight of the 650B x 2.3″ Butcher Control as 755g.

Purgatory Grid  2.1 Specialized Tire Actual Scale Shot WeightThe Purgatory Grid tire is one of our favorite tires for bikes with big mountain aspirations. Specialized even touts them as being “All-Mountain” ready, all we know is that the 650B version hit the scale at a very acceptable 748 gm.

Thanks again to Big Bear Kuhns and Mike’s Bikes for the pictures!


  1. i dont see the 650×2.3 size on their website. that said, they claim 720g for their 29×2.3, so it’s clear their bigger tires gain more weight than they calculated.

  2. The second one is definitely a Butcher

    For those who can’t choose between a 29 and 650b, I’m working on a 28.25 which won’t roll as well as the 29, but be heavier than a 650b.

  3. @colin- is that 28.25 for enduro plus or trail lite? do you wear lycra and an open face w/goggles when you run those?

  4. 28.25 is for hardxcore XC and light trail DH riding. Its for the rider who wears sleeveless lycra and a full face, and will be based on the old Schwinn S-5 rim

  5. Mid size is coming in a big way, cry foul, bitch, jump up and down, but it’s coming to all areas of MTB. At least with 27.5″, someone gave the concept a degree of real thought. If 29″ was the end all, this statement would be irrelevant…..but it’s not. EMBRACE IT! I did and believe.

  6. @Colin, I’m bringing back the old 27″ road rim size (ISO 630) (46 mm larger in diameter than 650B, and 8mm over 29er rims!)

    Current 27″ tire selection is limited though; Schwalbe, Michelin, Panaracer, and Vittoria all make a road/touring model in that size, Conti has a wider range of five 27″ road tires, while Kenda offer two road tires and a cross tire – the K36, K40 and K161.

    Sun Ringle, Weinmann, Alex Rims, and Velocity sell new (low-end) 27″ rims. NOS Ukai, Mavic, Rigida, Araya, Matrix, Ambrosio, Nisi, Wolber, and classic hoops can be found occasionally online.

    Don’t make up new sizes when you’ve got perfectly good existing ones hanging around. Can you imagine how easily big 2.3″ tires on 1/3″-bigger-than-700c rims would roll over things? Marginally–almost imperceptibly–easier than current 29er setups? Perhaps. There’s only one way to find out, component manufacturers. Let’s get rollin’.

  7. @Mike

    Yeah, but mine is in between, therefore better!

    I actually meant the S7, the 597 ISO. Also if you want to follow the bigger/ obscure is better you could go for the 700b which is a 635 ISO, and that’s 5 more!. Also the “B” means better, right?

  8. doesn’t the er in 29er mean extra rad? That’s why I switched all my bikes from 26 to 29…guess I’ll have to switch again, no? Man, I need a new job to keep up with all the latest trends! Oh, no wait…I’ll just ride what I have and smile;-) Ha!

  9. @Colin, I’d love a 700B. Instead of 29er, we’ll call ’em Dirty 30s, because with mountain bike tires, the overall diameter would be 30″!

    Your 28.25 standard might be optimized for hardxcore XC and light trail DH conditions, but nothing is off limits to a 700B monster bike.

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