Limited Edition Cadence Collection Ritchey C260 stem

San Francisco based clothing brand Cadence has partnered with Ritchey for a limited edition air stream graphicked C260 stem.

At just 103g claimed, the all-alloy, 3D forged and internally machined C260 stem is one of the lightest on the market without giving up the strength and durability Ritchey’s known for. The faceplate holds the threads, and the opening provides a more secure grasp of the bar without requiring shifter/lever removal to install.

More pics and details below…

Limited Edition Cadence Collection Ritchey C260 stem

The finish uses Cadence’s textile pattern from their Airflow cycling kit and Ritchey’s Wet Black gloss paint. Lengths are 90, 100, 110, 120 and 130mm. It’s available now on Cadence’s and Ritchey’s website for $139.95.

Limited Edition Cadence Collection Ritchey C260 stem

Just. Keep. Going.


  1. dangerjonny on

    Chill out Beer and Spokes….maybe you should start your own web site so people can critisize you. You must be on speed dial to Tom when new Ritchey product comes out then.

  2. Aaron on

    “At just 103g claimed…”

    Ritchey are b.s.ers about their claimed weights. I just bought one of their C260 25D stems; claimed weight on the 100mm is 113g, got my 90mm, and it weighs 129g.

  3. CXisfun on

    @hotdog: I guess it doesn’t really matter if it looks possible to you, it only matters if it really IS possible:

  4. jwest on

    @ CXisfun: No, it’s pretty poor advertising to make a big deal over not removing shifters when the stupid thing still requires removal of a few inches of bar tape. Your post of a video was useful although you don’t seem to get it that NO it “IS” not effectively possible. Yes, it’s possible if you split hairs over the semantics of word choice but in practice, it’s still a PITA.


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