Cleary Kids BikeIn recent years the options for kids bicycles have been getting better and better. Little Shredder and Commencal now have the little groms covered, and Farrier now has several models for future pro road racers, but what about the kids who have yet to discover their niche?

To help teach your kid the joys of exploring the world around them via bike, Cleary is building little bikes that have kid specific geometries. They’re designed with proper geometry that puts them in a good riding position and are light enough to enjoy. S o how did they do it?

Cleary Kids Bike CockpitThere are four different models available in the Cleary line up, but all are spec’d with components befitting the riders size. Handlebars, stems, and cranks are all kid sized. Even the grips are custom affairs. Stock, the seatpost is fairly long, so they can be adjusted as kids grow.

The stem can also be swapped out to a longer unit, which will help parents eek out several more months worth of usage.Even though they use a standard 31.8mm stem, the handlebar diameter tapers down to a smaller than average dimension, so that the grips can be smaller. To take it one step further, each of the bikes will have handlebar widths specific to the wheelsizes. Tiny tots will have 14″ bars, while bikes with larger wheels will be equipped with 16″ bars, etc…

Cleary Kids CranksThe cranks are also specific to each model.

Some companies in the kid’s arena have chosen to build bikes with adjustable dropouts, so parents can switch the wheels out as the kids grow, but Cleary has decided to keep things dead simple. Instead, they will be employing a vertical dropout, so even non bike parents won’t have trouble working on the pint size rides.

Cleary Kids Bike 20 inch

For now, they only plan on selling single speed bikes, but they may release a 24″ bike in the future with  1x gearing.Cleary Kids Bike Line up

The bikes will only be available in non-gender specific colors and will come with sticker kits for more customization.
Cleary Balance Bikes PricingTheir entry model retails for $200 and prices jump in $40 increments, until you hit the $320 model. Interested? The company is taking orders now and will be shipping the first bikes in August.

Cleary Bikes


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