Niner RLT9 Di2 with new black color scheme and Niner CX Carbon wheels

In a telling preview of things to come, Niner’s added a range of new wheels for mountain bikes and -wait for it- cyclocross. Initially, the latter sets will find a home on their RLT9 gravel road bike, but the wheels are getting the CX naming.

One such home is the new RLT Di2 shown above, coming kitted out with Ultegra Di2 11-speed, a slick new Black paint scheme with Niner Red highlights and the top level Niner CX Carbon Wheels. That new color will be available on any of the builds – Di2, the original Force 22 build and a new 11-speed Shimano 105 build, but only the top model gets the new carbon hoops.

Other spec highlights for the Di2 build includes the excellent Thomson KFC carbon handlebars and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors front and rear. A Niner post, stem and saddle and Schwalbe Sammy Slick round out the package for $5,499.

Roll through for more pics, full build specs and the scoop on the hoops…

Niner RLT9 Di2 with new black color scheme and Niner CX Carbon wheels

Niner RLT9 Di2 with new black color scheme and Niner CX Carbon wheels

Niner RLT9 Di2 with new black color scheme and Niner CX Carbon wheels

Niner RLT9 Di2 with new black color scheme and Niner CX Carbon wheels full spec build list

The RLT9 frameset (frame and Niner carbon fork) retail for $1,099, making the complete 105 bike a relative steal at just $1,999. Click spec lists to enlarge.



While we’re on ‘cross, we’ll start with the Niner Carbon CX wheelset. They use a full carbon rim measuring 23mm wide (17mm internal) and are laced 24 front/28 rear with DT Aerolite straight pull stainless steel spokes. Hubs can be converted from QR to 15mm front/12×142 rear and they come with skewers. The hubs have a 21 point (17º) engagement. Claimed weight is 1410g for the set.

We know what you’re thinking, so we asked: Yes, they’re rebranded carbon rims from Asia. Niner’s marketing manager Carla Hukee says they did a ton of comparative research (specs, testing results, etc.) against the top carbon rim brands and these stacked up well, especially as a lighter, stiffer OEM option. While they’re largely intended as price-oriented upgrade on complete bikes, Hukee says the performance should mean your new bike’s wheels aren’t an immediate upgrade concern.


The Niner Alloy CX Wheels share the same widths as the carbon rims, but get downgraded hubs and 14G J-bend spokes, 28 front and rear. It’s a 6061 alloy rim with a welded seam. Hubs are also QR or thru axle ready front and rear and include the skewers. The set comes in at a claimed 1,792g.

Neither of the ‘cross wheels are officially tubeless compatible. The mountain bike wheels definitely are, though:


The Niner Carbon MTB Wheels push the rims out to 27mm (23mm internal) and upgrade the hub internals to 39 points of engagement (9.2º). The front hub is 15mm thru axle only (which is why you can’t just swap in these for the CX wheels on the RLT…until they do a thru axle carbon gravel fork, anyway), and the rear will come with QR and 12/142 bits and skewer.


They’re built with straight pull 14/15G stainless DT Swiss spokes and alloy nipples, 28 hole front and rear.



Standard freehub or XD driver available. Claimed weight for the set is 1,670g. They come with a roll of Stan’s NoTubes rim tape for easy tubeless set up.


The Niner Alloy MTB wheelset use 6061 alloy rims that measure 28mm (23mm internal) wide.


They’re running stainless 14G J-bend spokes, 28 hole front and rear.


Hubs drop back to 21 points of engagement, same as the ‘cross wheels, but share the 15mm-only front axle option. Rear is QR or 12×142 with skewer included. It’ll also run XD driver body for XX1/XO1. Claimed weight is 2,030g for the set.

All of the wheels are 10/11 speed compatible and are available now as part of complete bike builds, and they’ll be available separately mid-summer. Prices TBD.



Niner’s new BioCentric 30 is an eccentric bottom bracket for PressFit 30 frames that wanna run a 24mm spindle crankset in a singlespeed set up. Rather than using set screws like a traditional EBB, Niner’s BioCentric models bolt through from one side to the other to clamp into the frame and hold their position without stripping, loosening or warping/ovalizing the BB shell.

The angular contact bearings are pressed into the shell and offset from center by 8.5mm, giving you some wiggle room for tweaking frame geometry, too. They’re available for order now, shipping in late July. Retail’s $139.00. Technically, it’s only approved for the AIR9 and RLT9 frames, but that’s only because those are the only two frames they’ve tested it with. You’re welcome to try it on any frame you want, as many riders have done with the BioCentric II. But only on metal frames, it’s not approved for use with full carbon BB’s.


  1. Wheels seem like a reasonable avenue. I like that they didn’t go over the top and develop some new standard. Lowering complete prices is always a good thing.

  2. I’ve seen enough broken niner frames (Yes, the new hydroformed ones and the carbon ones) to sufficiently scare me away from any carbon wheel offerings from them.

  3. I think it will be really interesting to see how Niner responds to the 27.5″ revolution (or whatever you want to call it) over the next couple of years.

  4. @Naton:

    they will need to increase the downtube diameter, or a very small font. Else ‘Twentysevenandahalfer’ won’t fit there… 🙂 If they manage that, they can call it ‘27,5″ specific font sizing’. Which, obviously will be very 2015!

  5. 29ers arent going anywhere.

    I ride AM and race XC on a 29er and they are fast as hell, up and down the mountain.

    I also work in a bike shop. 90% of the people that come in looking for a “enduro style 27.5” wouldnt know how to ride em properly. They also tend to leave the store with camalbacks, bell super helmets, and baggies.

  6. Competitive Cyclist is accepting preorders on the 105 build. $250 credit too sweetens the deal pretty nicely. I just got my order in.

  7. @MulletRacer, “I also work in a bike shop. 90% of the people that come in looking for a “enduro style 27.5″ wouldnt know how to ride em properly.”

    You are why people hate bike shops. If someone wants to buy a bike and it makes them happy, what’s wrong with that? How the hell are they riding it wrong? Stop being such an elitist.

  8. But… AlanM – he’s a racer. He RACES XC on a 29er and RIDES AM on a 29er. He knows more than anyone on this forum. HE RACES!!!!!

    He doesn’t use a ‘camalback’ either. Damn. I gotta tighten up my game.


  9. Are Bell Supers uncool now? How sad, just got mine, and it’s the best helmet I’ve ever owned. Better throw it away due to people knowing about it. Anybody know what the next trend is that nobody knows about yet? 36″ DH bikes? Gotta get in on these things before they’re popular, so you can scoff at people when they finally catch up to your coolness.

  10. Been riding my 2014 RLT-105 build for a little over a month now. Super fun bike, stock wheels are a bit portly and I am not a fan of the particular handlebars it was delivered with. Other than that, it is a really nice bike. No complaints at all.

  11. Okay now, in China, can you buy carbon rims at every corner store? Are they just lying around in the alleys? Seems like every other day a new carbon wheel importer pops up.

  12. @R. seems that way, until consumers stop lapping up this chinese/asian carbon stuff, it will not stop. the states need to tool-up and start carbon manufacturing HERE (if it means a large plant producing for multiple companies, even beyond bicycle manufacturing, thats fine – think Thomson), to protect individual companies interests and technology, and create high tech manufacturing/engineering/design jobs for american based companies. Those buying this STUFF just don’t get it.
    (i know who’s building stuff where and for price point reasons, so don’t add comment trying to “inform” me.)

  13. Seems like a great attempt to hit a sub $2000 price point with their own wheels.

    Regarding usa manufacturing – you folks do realize that the complete $2000 RLT9 mentioned above costs as much as two made in usa -RIMS- from ENVE.

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