Sticky Pod jersey pocket and hydration pack organizers

The Sticky Pod organizer “pods” are the brainchild of Miles Schwartz, who decided there was a better way to keep all the small bits situated in one’s jersey pocket or hydration pack.

Available in two sizes, they feature interior mesh and zippered pockets with a full, zip-around closure to keep everything contained until needed. The outside is a mid-thickness neoprene with raised sticky dots on the back to keep it from slipping out of a pocket. The smaller of the two fits snugly inside a jersey pocket and makes it much easier to get things in and out. The larger one fits inside the main compartment of virtually any hydration pack. Yes, most packs have organization pockets, but the Sticky Pod is better…

Sticky Pod jersey pocket and hydration pack organizers

The small one easily fits most smart phones. Maybe not a phablet, but even the larger Android phones should fit and be well protected. The side benefit is that tools and other stuff won’t poke you in the back or cause bodily harm in the event of an accident. The inside zip pocket will hold cash, cards or pretty much anything else. I like putting my tube in it to keep it safe from any tools. The top image shows just how much you can cram in it: Four Fix It Sticks, a CO2 with sleeve, tire lever and tube, then a phone is sandwiched in between and it’s zipped shut.

Sticky Pod jersey pocket and hydration pack organizers

The little dots on the back are only mildly sticky. Enough to keep it in place, not enough to hinder removal from a pocket. The actual pod is very light weight, only adding a few grams to the total load. This one retails for $14.99.

Sticky Pod jersey pocket and hydration pack organizers

The larger one is money for mountain bike packs. Rather than having all this loose stuff tumbling around inside a large pocket, it’s all held neatly in place inside the Sticky Pod. Not only does it eliminate the digging around to find the one thing you want, but it presents everything all at once so you find it quicker. Further, it prevents small bits from accidentally tumbling out and getting lost in the brush while your fishing around.

Nearly all of my riding buddies have been impressed when I whip this thing out of my bag. A small pump and shock pump would fit, too, but I prefer to keep those loose in the main compartment of my pack since I’m using them more frequently.

Sticky Pod jersey pocket and hydration pack organizers

Just for size reference, here it is against Camelbak’s 70oz lumbar-mounted reservoir. The larger one retails for $17.99.

I’ve mostly used the larger one, and it’s been in my pack for more than two years. It’s held up great, and I’d recommend them highly. Check ’em out at


  1. nice idea… but shipping to europe is twice expensive then pod itself… is there any way how to get one cheaper?

  2. Would like to buy 4 as gifts, but there web-site won’t let you. I would need to pay $35 shipping each to Canada. Ummm, no…

  3. Same problem here with shipping. $35.00 to Canada is way over the top. I don’t pay much more than that to get 18 pounds of coffee shipped from Oakland to Canada (either USPS or UPS).

  4. i have to agree.. i think they would probably sell a lot here (UK) if they were more realistic with postage costs. i have bought loads of stuff from USA and never been expected to pay such a large amount for such a small item. Come on lads. Think again!!!

  5. “The side benefit is that tools and other stuff won’t poke you in the back or cause bodily harm in the event of an accident.”

    I’ve unfortunately tested this, but it’s a true statement. The pod got torn up a little, but is still totally functional and did a nice job of keeping a multi-tool from stabbing me in the back.

  6. I bought the large one off amazon last year and love it! I rock it in my middle jersey pocket for road rides and mtb rides

  7. You can also just walk into your everyday outdoor shoppe en get a shower bag. Ok a bit less padding but the same compartments etc.

  8. I use an old sock. The luxurious merino wool caresses the patch kit and tire levers in warm comfort, while the elasticity of the supporting nylon weave and expansive rib knit keeps the multi-tool stable and supported whilst alleviating the pain of pokey bits.

  9. Those whining about shipping outside the USofA need to realize a business opportunity staring them in the face…

  10. @Dave – right on. Same here but not quite as luxurious with a basic low cut cotton number for me. Sharp bits in a small plastic box, stacked on top of rolled up spare tube, velcro strap holds them together with tire levers and wrapped in sock. Sock also has the benefit that it doubles as a rag if you need to do repairs that result in chain muck on your hands – just stick you hand in the sock to handle greasy bits, when done turn it inside out and ready to go back in the jersey pocket.

  11. To the people in the UK that are asking about this, I will get in touch with them and maybe look to bring them in to sell on my site,, I just started importing Fix It Sticks that are in the picture of the smaller bag, hence how I heard about this.

    Sorry if this sounds like a blatant plug.


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