Looking for a very lightweight replacement chainring for your SRAM 1x drivetrain? Absolute Black’s spiderless chainrings are direct mount replacements for 1×10 and 1×11 groups, fitting the stock grooves on the inside of most SRAM cranksets (except XX).

These are the second generation of SRAM-compatible chainrings, which add the narrow/wide tooth profiles introduced on their Shimano 64BCD versions announced last August. Those sold briskly, but founder Marcus says they’re back in stock in 26, 28 and 30 tooth counts. They build in chainline adjustment, which works with the alternating tooth thicknesses to both maximize chain retention and provide smooth pedaling -and backpedaling- even with oversized cassettes or cassette adapters pushing things up to 42t in the back. They also make 32/34/36/38 tooth chainrings that mount to the 104BCD holes.

With all their narrow/wide units shipping, they’ve put their original SRAM rings on sale…

Closeup of Absolute Black’s latest tooth profiles.

Absolute Black’s original chainring design used taller tooth profiles with very specific shaping to provide chain retention sans narrow/wide profiles. I’ve been running one of those on my 1×10 SRAM set up with Type II clutch derailleur and have had virtually no chain drops – only a couple under extreme conditions or wrecks. It’s worked really well, and now you can nab one for a 20% discount in either 28T or 30T while supplies last. Just select “SRAM Spiderless” from the product menu.



  1. What I can’t figure out is why SRAM doesn’t use spiderless chainrings even though their cranks are capable of it. It would be lighter and allow smaller chainring options for lower gearing on 1x systems.

  2. JC – I believe the chainring has some amount of dish built in to mimic the stock spider, so as to make it line up with the center of the cassette.

  3. JC – Willis is correct, they have a slight concavity to the spider to line them up between where the two chainrings would normally be. I’ve had no problems at all with mine, and I’ve been testing the original for quite a while and their CX ring for a few months (right after ‘cross season ended!).

    James S – our guess is because they offer a single spider that allows multiple chainring sizes, but yes, it does seem like a logical way to further set XX1 apart from X01.

  4. Cool beans. The wording made it sound to me like there could have been some sort of adjustment that could be made away from the stock spider. Gotta love the subjunctive.

  5. Can someone please explain to me if I can go from my current SRAM XX 2×10 to a 1×10/11 and how I would do it. Is all I need a new front ring, rear cassette and rear derailleur?

  6. @Matt, I have a SRAM XO front crank. put on a Wolf tooth 32t spiderless narrow wide and run the stock 10 speed rear cassette with the clutch derailleur for everyday riding. I also put on the 42tooth one up components cog to give me that extra climbing gear for mountain races/riding

  7. @Caveman, thanks for the info. From what you said, it sounds like I just need the 32t front and a clutch type derailleur with a 42t cog gear at my option. That could be pretty inexpensive way to see if I like running a 1x. Let me know if I am correct. PS. if I ever see you in person, I owe you a Pliny.

  8. @James, with spider, the ring can be changed without removing the crank. One piece rings like this will require removing the crank.

  9. Matt, if you have a XX crank the spider is not removable so you will need to get a ring to bolt on to the crank. Unfortunately the XX crank is not a 104 BCD but rather a 120 so you will not be able to run smaller than a 36 tooth. Wolftooth and others make a ring for this crank.

  10. @Steve, thanks for the clarification. Bummer but oh well, I thought I could do a cheap conversion to try it out, but pricing it out is about $300-$400 so I will stick with my 2x and try it on my next bike in a couple years.

  11. Hi Micheal,
    We are facing huge demand, so we are in and out of stock constantly. But we have updated the website and sell narrow wide spiderless finally officially – and this is the news.

    What you see on the website is when we thing we will have “free” stock. But this changes all the time due to demand.
    This is why we wrote on the web that average wait time is now about 6 days.

    What it means is that if you place the order today we will send it within around 6 working days.
    If you are going to wait for a free stock to ship same day it may be a long wait:) So it’s better to backorder and just wait for the shipment. Simple. It’s a lot quicker than waiting for “free” stock in the warehouse.

  12. @ abdoluteblack: when can one expect spiderless direct mount rings for cannondale hollowgram cranks? Would love to get my hands on a 36t.

  13. Very soon now.
    In fact we have all the designs made long time ago. We are just busy catching up with production on sram rings, so once we have a bit of free cnc time it will go to production as well.

    You should expect same design and almost same weight as our sram spiderless xx1 style rings.

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