Among the Ballers ride participants was Noah Rosen of VeloColour frame painting in Toronto who, along with Suzanne Carlsen, launched Carl & Rose with these unique saddle bags.

Made of a heavy vinyl with a textured, rubbery feel and lined with cotton, they use a wide mouth cylinder shape to stash your bits in style. Leather toe straps are used to buckle them to your saddle rails. Available in black, gray, red, blue and orange, they retail for $65 and are made in Canada. Also available with custom zipper colors and other changes.

Need a little something to decorate yourself? Check out more below…


They make brooches in the form of velocipedes, penny farthings, banana seat cruisers and more. Earrings and other styles also available, all from polished stainless steel.


They also had a few satchels made from scrap fabric that were pretty nice. There’s a collection of home goods, mainly planters, that are quite pretty, too. Check it all out at

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