Cannondale XX1 Absolute Black Chain RingAvailable starting June 25th, the new 1x specific chainring from Absolute Black is claimed to the lightest spiderless option available for Cannondale Hollowgram cranks.

Available in even increments from 28T to 34T, the chainring has been tested by World Cup XC Athletes like Marek Konwa, and is guaranteed to provide a minimum of 12 months of chain retention.

Absolute Black Narrow Wide Chainring DesignIn addition to the unique Drop Stop Design, Absolute Black has also developed a 5.7mm chainring specific offset, to create a better chainline than is possible with standard “flat” ring offerings.

Each ring is CNC machined from 705 Txxx Aluminum, designed in the UK, and manufactured in Poland.

Interested? Retail is $74.99 and it’s available in black.


  1. Somebody at absoluteblack needs to work on their tool paths and surfacing. Dirt is going to stick to that like burnt eggs on a skillet.

  2. I’m going to disagree with Adam. I just got my A.B. cog in the mail last night, and it’s super smooth. I expected to see some rough bit lines, but it’s totally smooth. The “roughing” that is left on THIS chainring is clearly intentional; A.B. got skills homie. I’m sitting here comparing tooth profiles with sram, race face, and A.B., and my impression is that the A.B. guys are surely refining a great design.

  3. Hey Adam,

    I’m also going to put a word in. I’ve got the 104×4 ring, and it doesn’t pick up a lot of dirt or mud. The only time it’s failed to hold on is when I got a fist size gob of wet leaves jammed between chain and teeth.

  4. Actually, Adam, the people at Absolute Black absolutely nailed it. The rings are very smooth and don’t hold excess mud. They know that because they designed them and I know that because I actually own one and tried it before I reviewed it.

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