Bombtrack’s Arise hubs make it easy to build stiff, solid singlespeed wheels thanks to their wider spacing compared to running a stack of spacers on traditional freehubs.

The flanges are set wider, and the freehub section gets narrower, providing just enough width to let you fine tune your chainline. That it uses a standard freehub shaped section rather than threaded cogs makes it even easier to use over the long run, too, and provides plenty of options for after market cog sizes. That is, if the included 15/16/17 tooth cogs aren’t enough for ya.

Spacers are also included in the deal, and matching front hubs are also available. Check full specs, color options and more pics below…


The bolt-on 10mm axle should make for very secure fittings on sliding dropouts.


MATERIAL: 6061-T6 alloy, full cnc machined
AXLE: 10mm regular crmo
BEARING: hub shell and driver both with 2 high quality sealed bearings
DRIVER: includes 15T, 16T, 17T cogs.
SPACING: 130mm, cassette drive system
WEIGHT: 202g front / 629g rear

UPDATE: Price is $189.95 for the rear hub with all three cogs and spacers. Weight for the rear includes the axle, bolts, spacers and cog. They admit that’s still a bit heavy, but the heat treated axle makes up a fair chunk of that. They’re working on a lighter weight version that’s ‘cross/road specific without the overbuilt-for-BMX heft of this one.



  1. ben c on

    629g is super porky, but if the price is low it may not be bad. There are people who run geared hubs that are heavy (Shimano Deore, etc) with heavy-ish cassettes. They wouldn’t notice a problem running a heavier ss hub. Bolt-on and small stack spacing are good. I think there are generic Taiwanese of the kind Woodman used to (maybe still do) sell for low prices. A comparison of ss-dedicated hubs wouldn’t be a bad idea, BikeRumor. Hadley, Hope, King, DT, I9 at the spendy end, and others down lower in price. Weights, features (std axles, optional axles, cogs), color options, price.

  2. $dmoney$ on

    @ben c

    Totally agree, bikerumor get us some dish on SS hubs. We all know there’s a price difference but what about materials, engagement, spacing options, etc.

  3. Marcellus on

    Okay, I just checked the official retail price for the Arise rear hub, at least in Germany they sell for around 180 Euro. Official retail price for the Chris king hub (in Germany) would be 600 Euro.

  4. Fabian on

    The official retail price for the arise hub is even better than 180 €.
    It is 139,95! So the cost-benefit ratio is in fact really good!


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