Kogel bottom bracket solutions for every frame type

Tired of trying to find the right adapters to make bottom bracket A work with frame B and crankset C? So was Ard Kessels, founder of startup Kogel Badass Bottom Brackets.

His solution was to make dedicated bottom brackets for every combination. The idea was to provide a purpose built bottom bracket for whatever style frame you have to fit whatever style crankset you have. Wanna stick a SRAM GXP crankset in a BB386EVO frame? Or a Shimano 24mm in a BB30 frame? No problem.

Each bottom bracket will use hybrid ceramic, grade 3, ABEC 5 ball bearings with the option of standard seals and grease for road bikes or heavier duty seals and grease for mountain, cyclocross and commuter bikes. They come with a 1+1 warranty, covering you for one year at first, then a second year if you have the recommended 12 month service performed to replace the seals and grease.

They’ll also sell their own Secret Grease Mix and seal kits for home service. The SGM is a thin, slick grease that won’t cause any excess friction. To install, they recommend Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste, which will provide a secure fit without anything sticking in the frame after removal (as could happen if epoxy or Loctite is used). Their website, Kogel.cc, will be up soon. Until then, you can download this poster as a PDF here.


  1. So you can run Shimano cranks with Specialized’s weird bottom bracket. How is this different from the Praxis bottom brackets that already do the same thing?

  2. FSA has been doing this for years and they have the 386EVO crank (BB30 10 and 11 speed compatible) that fit (English, BB86, PF30, BB30) except BB90 and BBRight (but have adaptors to make their GXP work with everything including these). Use them in our shop for all the BB insanity. Best systems/cranks to make anything work. Customer service guys are one of the grumpiest in the industry and rude but love their solutions making things work which normally do not. Same with their headsets and adapters.

  3. Thanks for the exposure Tyler!

    The web site will be up by the end of this week as well as our shop. Since installing bottom brackets can be challenging without the exact tools and a bit of skill, we are working hard to establish a dealer network.

    Our service department are the nicest people you have ever met. If you have any questions, please email or call at any time.

    +915 777 5666

  4. Love the complete line.
    I keep telling people how your bottom bracket is like the tranmission of your car. All the power gets transfered true this product towards your bike.
    You buy a super stiff 5000 dollar frame and trow in some plastic adaptors …?!
    Its like brining your Ferrari to the local dealer and telling him to hit with a hammer till it stops making that creaking noise.

    For sure others tried before. Most of the time not a complete line or with lack of quality and still using adaptors.

  5. Kudos to Kogel. And shame on the bike industry for the completely unnecessary proliferation of bottom-bracket “standards”.

  6. Just look at that chart! HaaaaaaaHaaaaaah. Look at what the bicycle industry and engineers with too much time on their hands has done to just one area of the bicycle, the bb. what a joke.

    @ChrisC- agree. I have always stuck to the “old” bsa threaded 68/73. It just works.

  7. I met Ard in the Shop a couple months back.
    This is the kind of product that the bike industry needs, simplification.
    The bearings are super legit and the coolest thing is the seals change for the application.
    The MTB BBs have stronger seals while the Road BBs have lighter seals to decrease drag.
    Thats engineering!

  8. What about Wheels Mfg? They’re doing all this, are USA-made and in every shop ALREADY with an established dealer network.

  9. Dave, no one said that Kogel was the first to offer these solutions, and the article isn’t about Wheels Manufacturing.

  10. Dave, everyone has a right to have their particular press release promoted on BR, and this comment isn’t also directed toward Psi Squared.

  11. None of these “solutions” negate the problem of not using a threaded bottom bracket. All that has occurred are bike companies engineering costs out of bikes, creating an after-market for band aids and causing head-aches to both cyclists and local bike shops who must deal with solutions that solve a problem nobody should have ever had.

  12. @psi squared. could you explain why it is that you constantly question, dispute, and “read way into’ a lot of peoples comments. And then “try to” correct and/or inform those with your vast knowledge and wisdom?

    @Dave. I know and understand where you where coming from.

  13. @If Zapruder Had a GoPro – Stumpjumper – I have a c bear bottom bracket on mine. The close resemblance to c bear – even the chart – is scary! I guess good things get copy. “Startup Kogel (deleted) Bottom Brackets” how appropriately named! How are pricing and quality? I guess will know more soon. Otherwise, I may as well get the real thing (praxis – tried them too, fsa, c-bear…, sorry no wheel mfg) than a copycat (deleted) So not cool.

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