OSMO-awesome-orange-kids-hydration-sports-drinkAs the summer heat reaches its peak, OSMO has unveiled a kid-friendly version of their hydrating sports drink.

Made with the same organic freeze-dried fruit flavorings and high quality ingredients as the adult version, it simply offers a heightened Awesome Orange flavor profile and adjusted electrolyte amounts to appeal to what kids like and need. It’s Non-GMO, has no artificial ingredients/hidden preservatives/added color. It’s debuting this week at the Outdoor Retailer show and should be available in stores and online soon. Retail is $19.99 for a 24-serving box, and each packet makes 16oz of drink. Single serves will be $1.99.

So, why not just dilute your standard OSMO? Answers in the PR, below…

EXCERPTED FROM THE PRESS RELEASE: So why formulate a specific Osmo hydration product for kids? Why not just dilute the adults’ product?

1) Sodium: Children need to ingest less sodium than adults due to less sweat sodium losses. The Kids formula contains a 100mg per serving compared to the 320mg per serving of the adult Osmo Active formula.

2) Potassium: Potassium is needed with sodium for fluid balance, skeletal and cardiac muscle function. The requirements for children here are also less than adults; 30mg potassium per serving in the kids formula vs 100mg potassium in the adults.

3) Carbohydrates/sugars and osmolality: To maintain an effective osmolality of ~200mOsm/L as well as to promote fluid uptake at the level of the intestines, the kids formula has been designed at a 1% carbohydrate solution comprised of glucose and sucrose.

4) Flavoring: Staying with the morals and ideals of Osmo, the Kids formula uses organic freeze-dried fruit for color and flavor, touched up by organic tangerine essence to “punch up” the flavor for kid’s palates. There are still no fillers or flow agents, or other ingredients that may cause hyperactivity.

“Being a scientist, and knowing the influences of hydration on health, I am very concerned about the impact severe dehydration has on children around the world,” said Dr. Stacy Sims, Co-Founder of Osmo Nutrition. “So when I became a Mom, my focus on performance hydration became a passion for finding the best hydration solution for my daughter and all children. I developed the Kids formula to meet the specific physiology and needs of sweaty and active kids of all ages be it for sports, for general thirst, as opposed to diluting juice or other sports drinks, and even as an electrolyte replacement for when our kids are ill. Osmo for Kids is great-tasting and made with organic fruit flavors, and contains no artificial colors, sugars, hidden ingredients or additives.”.



  1. Mindless on

    Water and proper food, maybe some electrolytes. No need for this kind of stuff for children. Or for adults for that matter.

  2. Jim Mac on

    I’d say that it depends on what bike sport your kid is doing. My 7 year old races BMX, and he does pretty well with Recharge bu Knudsen…all natural, good flavors and gives him a quick energy kick before his 50 or so seconds of highly anaerobic racing. He also sweats like a pig as he’s fully geared up with FF helmet, moto pants, chest protector, etc. so I would hazard a good guess that he’s losing some electrolytes.


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