Adding to their already extensive line of Swiss-designed cycling shoes, the new Suplest S8+ is the creme of their crop. Available in road and mountain bike versions, it comes in very light without sparing any features.

The upper is a seamless microfiber piece that’s pulled together with Atop ratchet dials over their breathable Air Vent tongue. The forefoot has two mesh vents heat welded into place, and the sole gets two vents to move air across the bottom of the foot. Inside, the heel gets an antislip material to prevent your foot from pulling out, and a lightweight, premolded EVA insole cushions your foot against the stiff carbon sole. Rubber bumpers on the heel and toe provide a bit of traction on the road version.

Step on down more colors and models…


Claimed weight for the S8+ Street Racing (road) shoe is just 235g for size 42.


Available in white, red and green, though only green’s shown on their website at the moment.


The S8+ Cross Country has all the same features but adds a reinforced toe box and firm TPU treads and coating on the bottom. Claimed weight is 335g for size 42.


The X.1 Trail is an all new model for them, blending their more comfortable Trail shoe uppers with a nylon shank in the sole for better pedaling performance. It’s aimed at the all-mountain crowd. It also gets a reinforced toe box, but uses their grippier SupTraction tread material for better hike-a-bike action.



  1. Rico on

    D*mn those S8+ are pretty nice looking. It’s all about the last/fit with road shoes though. How do they compare to a Sidi Wire fit wise?

  2. Dave on

    Where are the shoes made? Switzerland or Asia? There web-site shows that these shoes are quite expensive.

    While I have never tried these on I will stick with Sidi. They just fit like a glove and are the most reliable and best made shoes on the market.

    • Tyler Benedict on

      All – confirmed, they’re made in Asia but designed and developed in Switzerland. Serfas had a US distribution deal with them at one point, but sounds like that’s no longer the case.

  3. jon jon on

    Specialized should trademarked the design of 2 boas up top, and velcro at bottom. Bontrager, Pearl Izumi…everyone is doing that design these days

  4. Lawyerknowitall on

    Boa laces are on tons of shoes and the design is common amongst many companies. Specialozed would be spinning their wheels pursuing any property rights (again). Get it….spinning their wheels….

  5. K11 on

    i wanted to get my hands on one of their pairs of mtb shoes last season for a possible new “xc” shoe when doing that type of riding. BUT, they are near impossible in the USA to get. There was only one source i could find, and there was a fair amount shipping charge, full retail, plus if they didn’t work out, return shipping. (who know if there was a restocking fee)

  6. Catalin on

    I found the road shoes on CervoRosso.com and ordered them but after 10 business days no package and no response from the customer support. I’ getting nervous cause I invested almost $400 in the purchase and may not see them ever. Needless to say this is my first and last purchase from CervoRosso.com


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