Tune is making fat bikes a little less hefty with their new 190mm rear and 150mm front hubs. Those join the 170mm Fat Kong rear and 135/142mm Fat King front to offer very light options for the widest standards. Those and all of Tune’s regular rear hubs are now coming with the lighter Skyline freehub body that’s drilled out to saves 3g, and that bonus comes without raising the price.

They’ve also got some nifty new fat bike thru axles and skewers to go with the hubs, plus lots and lots of other really, really lightweight goodies…


New thru axles and AC skewers for fat bikes get the new, larger diameter carbon levers:


The DC skewers were reworked to have the same clamping force as their AC skewers.


The cam was changed to give it 30% more closure force and the levers were thickened up a bit to make them stronger and feel a little better in the hand. They say they’re now strong enough to confidently use with disc brakes.


This change affects the standard DC models for road and mountain bike as well as the insanely light Skyline versions.



The long-in-testing Blackfoot carbon mountain bike cranks are finally shipping. With an Absolute Black narrow wide chainring the crankset comes in at just 370g. That chainring was custom made for them to fit their spline pattern, and they’ll also offer a spider for XX1 and standard 64bcd double chainrings. The cranks include bumpers to protect them. Retail is €919 with the AB ring

tune-Blackfoot-carbon-mountain-bike-cranks02 tune-Blackfoot-carbon-mountain-bike-cranks03


They’re also making their own narrow wide Triebtreter chainring for the XX1 76mmBCD spider. They’ll weigh in at 32g for a 30-tooth. They’ll also offer 32, 34, 36 and 38. Priced from €72 to €90.


New Dreckschleuder wheelset is an all-rounder for cyclocross, gravel, commuting or whatever. They’re able to handle up to 9bar. The rim is just 355g, and the complete wheelset is only 1,408g. They’re built on their King and Kong hubs with Sapim D-light spokes. They’ll fit regular road tires up to narrow (2.0) Moutan bike tires. €760.


And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Their new Wasserträger 2.0 water bottle comes in at just 9g. They work with any bottle, unlike the original, and the new design only adds a single gram. They’ve tested it for more than a year mountain biking and haven’t lost a bottle yet. The name refers to the domestiques that carry the bottles for the top riders. €51 with a bottle and alloy screws.

Not shown, Tune’s alloy seat posts will now all get their carbon cradle. Not only is it lighter, but it has a longer rail platform so it’s better for the saddle.




  1. Forget the bottle cages, I’m still waiting for the first sub-kg liter of water. Maybe “Moutan” is working on narrow tires and that, too.

  2. If I remember correctly from last years presentation, the cranks are woven first and then molded, hence the unusual appearance.

    Tune is a great company, it may not be for everyone, but the technologies they are pushing in the high end market could benefit the average user someday too.
    Also they’re German, which increases the amount of trust in their engineering by about 1000%.

    They even sell dishwasher and food-safe carbon coffee cups.

  3. Tune don’t have the greatest reputation for durability with their normal parts. I can’t imagine this stuff will last riding through winter’s snow and ice or a season of sand.

    Also, just in case anyone cares, a Blackburn Slick water bottle cage weighs 23g actual weight. It has a lifetime warranty, you can buy them anywhere for about 10 dollars and I’ve never dropped a bottle.

  4. @dick, I love that your conclusion is that we’ve been duped, like anyone would be like “this product is horrible, but I spent all this money on it so I guess I just have to love it.” instead of warning the masses to not make the same mistake they did. If they didn’t make quality product, they wouldnt be in business. Try not to be so simple minded.

  5. @greshkov That is a/one conclusion. It has been proven both true and false. I’d try not to be so simple minded, but that would require dropping the knee jerk reaction…and we cannot abide that. Your credibility “as a dude” etc. is in doubt.

  6. Sam,they don’t produce red freehub bodies anymore for about 5 years. So that’s propably hard to compare. Actually their products are ridden by lots of pro teams in europe. If quality would be bad they wouldn’t risk loosing wc race…

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