Following last fall’s introduction of the GE1 enduro mountain bike grip, this year see the addition of the GE1 Slim. It came about after feedback from their World Cup racers that wanted a little better bar feel, to feel more connected to the bike.

It’s only marginally slimmer, but it’s noticeable. Price is $34.99 for either size, and the new slims are available in March 2015. Check the visual comparison and all the rest of their new gear after the break…


As with all their grips, their rubber is a real rubber, and it’s certified child safe and impurity free.


The Slim is on the left, the original on the right. Note the slightly deeper recess by the lock ring and the less pronounced flair on the outside edge. On the original, that flair easily adds a few millimeters of usable grip to each end of the bar.


The GA2 is a new base level grip that gets you into the Ergon family for just $29.99. It’s a single density, and the softest of the rubbers they use. It feels really good.


New BE1 and BE2 enduro backpacks have a relieved center section that makes it easier to stow a helmet. They have two different volumes -3.5 and 6.5 liters- so they’re pretty minimal. An aluminum bar across the top of the hips can be bent to match your body for a semi-custom fit. The BA3 pack on the bottom right is an existing model.



They get Ergon’s length adjustment, letting you dial the fit to your height. They come with a 1.5 liter Hydrapak reservoir that’s shaped to fit in the lower lumbar section. Retail’s $159 each.


The SMC3 is their new mountain bike saddle that gets a thicker layer of foam and wider base. It’s designed as a more comfortable mountain bike saddle but should work really well for gravel bikes or anything else where you’re on rough surfaces for long periods of time. Ergon’s saddles use a high end orthopedic foam that’s CNC’d from a solid block of foam rather than being stamped from a single density sheet. That lets the foam fit perfectly on the shell and create the center relief channel without just smushing the foam to fit. The theory is that lets the foam have the desired density throughout, not getting precompressed from the construction of the saddle.


Retail’s $80 to $179 depending on model. Rails vary from chromoly to TiNox to carbon, shells change from nylon to carbon fiber. Weights range from 220g up to 270g depending on width and model. The Pro model gets Alcantara side panels at the rear to protect the microfiber cover.


New colors on the SME3 enduro saddles to match up with all the new grip colors. The SME3 Pro model also gets the Alcantara sides. BTW, the naming scheme means Saddle Mountain Enduro Version 3. Swap Enduro for Comfort on the new model and you get the idea.


There’s also a special Neon Edition Bikini Pink available on select items.


Pretty in pink.


Along with the new saddles, they’ll be pushing their 3D Sit Dimension saddle sizing stool into shops to help you find the correct width for your sit bones.


  1. Ironic that ergon grips are no longer ergonomic…anatomical shapes may work for long distance XC grinding but generally round is where it’s at for bar feel and handling

  2. @Ted Not true. The GE1 and GA2 line of grip still has subtle shaping and directional rubber happening throughout the grip(s). The GE1, GA2, and GA1 models versus other “round” grips on the market today are still as different as our wing grips were when we introduced them many years ago. None of our round grips are perfectly round or is the rubber the same thickness throughout the grip.

  3. I hope the ergonomic grips stick around. As Ted mentions, they are fantastic for longer rides and stage events. I have had the Ergon grips on my bike for over 10 years and hope they are available for another 10. Good to see the new colours!

  4. “foam that’s CNC’d from a solid block of foam rather than being stamped from a single density sheet”

    Really? They CNC foam? wouldn’t it be a lot easier and cost effective to mold the foam like everyone else?

  5. @Jeremiah Yes, CNC high end orthopedic foam for our saddles in 2015. The CNC’d foam over stamped foam has many advantages; CNC’d foam holds its shape longer over the life of the saddle, we can better shape the foam to the shape we feel is best for the intended usage, the ride quality is much much better, we are the only saddle manufacturer using an high end orthopedic foam….and the CNCing of the foam is the best way to acquire the desired shape and lay on our saddle shell. Cost effective you ask? Yes. Saddle prices drop $5-$20 from 2014 to 2015.

  6. I found the classic GE1 too thick for my hands, so I am interested in the slim version. However, I would like to know how thin/thick is the GA2 compared to the GE1 Slim? Thanks 🙂

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