The 3T Aerotundo combines a classic drop bar shape with their aero tops, just one of many combinations.

3T Cycling has a lot going on, as much with new products as with new concepts for the sale and use of them. Starting with the small stuff, they’ll now offer sizing guides to all retailers and online that complement the mix-and-match nature of their road components. You choose whether you want round, ergonomic or aero top sections on your handlebar, then choose an ergo or classic round profile for the drop section. Lastly, choose the stem angle and length, then put it all together using the guide to help, um, guide you in making the correct choices.

To combat counterfeit product, all parts will now ship with a 3D holographic logo plate from OpSec that contains a QR code, serial number, EAN code and product registration information. If you’re buying a 3T product, make sure it has the decal, then register it to be sure.

Now, on to the good stuff…


But not before this closeup of the Aero top sections sweet ergo bulge and internal cable port.


Co-developed for Felt’s 2015 road bikes, the new Ionic 25 comfort posts integrates an elastomer ring that completely decouples the saddle clamps from the post. They say it cancels vibrations, which reduces muscle fatigue so you’re fresher for longer. Felt has also incorporated it into their triathlon bikes’ aero seatposts, but you can get this standard round post for your own bike.



It uses their clever Difflock clamp mechanism. While it takes a bit more time for initial setup, it allows for half-degree adjustments by turning both the inner and outer toothed rings in various directions. For example, turn the 9.5º outer ring backwards one notch and the 10º ring forward one notch to change by 0.5º. The benefit of the system is twofold: First, once the position is set, it’s locked into place before you even clamp the bolt down. This means you don’t need to tighten the holy hell out of it to prevent nose dives. Second, it allows you to flip the post around to a positive 25mm setback (set forward?) to create a steeper effective seat angle – perfect for makeshift TT/triathlon setups.


For actual triathlon bikes, their Vola series gets new Team and Limited versions. The Team edition has a standard carbon base bar and the Ltd upgrades to lighter High Mod carbon. The Pro remains in the line unchanged with an alloy base bar.


They come sold as shown here, with a 42cm base bar plus S-bend aero extensions, elbow rests, spacers and adapters. The aero bars are alloy, but they offer carbon ones as upgrades. Spacers allow for 10-30mm of height adjustment, and elbow rests can be set from 220mm to 340mm wide (outside to outside). Cables are run internally. Depending on parts used, weights are 810g to 940g for Vola Team and 725g to 850g for Vola Ltd.


3T’s Ltd-level wheels under both the Mercurio (tubular) and Accelero (clincher) series receive completely new rims and switch names to Orbis. The rim profiles are the same, but the carbon fiber and resin mix, layup technique and outer finish are all new, effectively creating new wheels. Hence the new name. Five models will be offered, with T (tubular) or C (clincher) designating the rim type and the number referring to the approximate depth: T40 Ltd / T60 Ltd / T80 Ltd / C40 Ltd / C60Ltd.


The 3T Eye is a new Bluetooth / ANT+ compatible monitor that syncs with your smartphone and sensors for power, speed, cadence, heart rate, etc. It then displays the data without having to put your phone in the danger zone, and ties in devices sending signals in either of the two leading formats. It’ll display real time GPS data from their branded app and, presumably after the ride, communicate your data with social media platforms.

It mounts to a standard quarter turn mount, including the integrated offering shown there that slips into the faceplate of their stems. The app and device are not available yet, we’ll update you when they launch. Price is TBA but they say it’ll be very affordable.


On the mountain bike side, their transition to a logo rebranding for MTB stuff is complete, and graphics across the line reflect the same hierarchy as road, but with a triangle instead of a circle.


They’ve been sponsoring Italian Team 360º and BMC Racing for some time, and now those partnerships have helped develop a couple new enduro/gravity alloy handlebars. These are being tested by Team 360º, details TBA.


Shown last year as a prototype, the 3T rigid 29er fork is now official and available in Team editions with standard or stealth livery.


Weight is claimed at 600g, with 45mm rake and 470mm axle-to-crown measurement. The brake hose runs in a groove on the inside of the leg with holes for zip ties to secure it.


It’s designed around a 15mm thru axle and 180mm post mount brake mounts. Retail is $585.



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