The first direct-transmission, fluid resistance, electronically controlled trainer was teased last year. Turns out, it’s also connected and comes with some rather smart software. It’s the Elite Real Turbo Muin, and it’ll finally be available this November.

For (gulp) $1250, you can get the cutting edge of trainer technology, letting you create and oversee your workout in real time through the My E-Training app. Controlled by ANT+ or Bluetooth wireless technology, My E-Training allows for imported videos, GPS imports, video racing, web racing and more. Elite says that with all of the combined features of this unit, it perfectly simulates outdoor training.

Ready to give up the leg warmers and embro?

Direct-drive trainers are becoming more common, as they can be more stable, and provide a quieter experience than traditional drums or rollers. And the fluid aspect of the Elite Muin should make it quieter even than most competing direct drive trainers, too. Costing north of most spinning bikes, the software is the main attraction for people who spend long hours on the trainer and want to do more than just suffer. For $724.99, Elite sells the standard Turbo Muin, which is essentially the same unit, just without the Real software and control.  Elite claims more than half of Pro teams are using the unit for warmups, primarily due to its realistic, progressive feel.

The Real software from Elite can control the trainer to match training plans in real time.
It’ll even evaluate your current fitness then prescribe a four week training plan to improve it.
The Conconi test is able to chart your performance, and where the line begins to change pitch is typically where your body transfers from aerobic to anaerobic.

One of the more intesting features of the software is the ability for it to administer a Conconi test. A way to determine aerobic and anaerobic heartrate threshold rates, this test can tell you where those points are for you, and help you determine a training or racing strategy to stay in a certain heartrate zone. This is the type of test that you typically see run on a treadmill by health professionals, so being able to get this kind of information from your home trainer is pretty valuable.

Race anyone on any track through the internet with Real software.

When you’re done testing, it’s time to Web Race. Link up and you can race against anyone else who also has the Real software, anywhere in the world. Not only can you race them on any track in the world via video, it will also tell you all of their statistics throughout the race such as position, distance, speed and even their heart rate!


  • Integrated fluid resistance
  • Progressive resistance that gradually increases with speed
  • Real software allows:
    • RealVideo*
    • Training programs
    • Conconi Test
    • Training Test
    • My RealVideo
    • Web Race
    • GPS Data import
    • Geolocated Races
  • Works with 130mm and 135mm spaced frames
  • Shimano 9/10/11 speed compatible, Campagnolo freehub body available seperately

Check the full tech features on their website at Elite-Real.com.


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