German brand Haero Carbon is part of a family of companies that specializes in mold and die production, making carbon parts for the automotive industry alongside really lightweight bike parts. They’re all 100% carbon, and they’re all 100% made in Germany.

The headliner for the brand is their H.253, a base bar and extensions combo that comes in at just 340g ready to ride. The base bar is 400mm wide and has open, ergonomic ends ready for brake lever insertion. It comes in at just 205g on its own. The center has integrated mounts for their extensions, letting you slide them in and out to fit. The back side of those slots feeds the wires or cables through to the frame.

More details and a unique take on road (and mountain!) bars below…


The elbow rests are individually adjustable. Bar clamp is 31.8mm only.


Retail is €699. They’re handmade, so lead time is 4-8 weeks.

haero carbon time trial hill climb handlebars extensions

If time trials and triathlons aren’t your thing -or, main thing, anyway- there’s the H.155 drop bar. It also integrates extension mounts into the top section, which will fit the same ergo extentions shown on the TT bar, or this truncated version:

haero carbon time trial hill climb handlebars extensions

The base bar is as light as 155g (40/42/44 cm widths offered), and the €489 price includes your choice of the long or looped extension. Note the drop bar on this bottom pic is different…it’s the H.380, which molds rounded flatter sections into the top. It ships with foam pads that stick to the bar and act as minimalist elbow rests. The drops have a longer, bent shape, too.


The H.165 marathon mountain bike handlebar adds an ergonomic hand rest loop to the center section, providing grip options on the long, flat sections common in many ultra distance MTB races. Width is 680mm, so it’s definitely aimed at the XC crowd, but here’s the kicker: The name suggests a weight of 165g. Indeed, that was their target, but it ended up coming in at just 145g! That’s with no rider weight limit, too! They offer an optional grip paint to make it a bit stickier on the ends to keep your grips from spinning. The process adds a whopping 2g. Rise is 44mm and backsweep is 7.5º. Retail is €299. (all prices include VAT)



  1. Those are kinda neat. In my area those TT/drop bars are a huge no-no, plus I ride with my team 99% of times and can’t have those. But, I am secretly tempted to get some and assemble the ultimate Strava slaying machine. Before anyone trashes me for Strava I don’t care! 😛 I race official and do Strava too it’s both fun! Honestly Strava can be even more fun with less anal boy scouts hovering around.

    Cool products Haero Carbon.

  2. Really nice parts though pricey. The MTB bar…am doing lots of off-road kind of triathlons on a 29er. I would need the grip section low,am using already a -17 degree stem. Right now the bar has a 44mm rise which is kind of counter productive for folks who want to go fast.

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