We spotted some sketches of these at the Philly Bike Expo last year and now they’re official, bringing the sleek, adjustable Syntace X12 thru axle system to handmade bicycles.

Officially licensed by Syntace, the Paragon Machine Works dropouts will be offered in steel and titanium with an aluminum hanger, giving all manner of builders the ability to fit them into their frames. That’s a good thing since more and more wheel and parts are being built with thru axles in mind.

They’re already stocking concentric and eccentric inserts (one of the benefits of the Syntace system is the ability to adjust camber and “alignment” of the rear wheel using eccentric inserts inside the dropouts), the Shimano Direct Mount derailleur hanger, hanger bolt and axles from both Syntace and DT Swiss. And, they’re already working on additional compatible skewers for fat bikes (177mm and 197mm) AND an X12 compatible Boost 148mm model. Check the full details and options from Paragon below…


  • 1018 steel (DR2090) dropouts have a 1″ diameter with 0.810″ of hood width to attach stays to. A second version with a 1″ hood width to provide enough clearance for oversized stays is planned
  • 6-4 titanium (DR0090) dropouts have a 1.5″ diameter with 1.100″ of hood width to provide ample clearance for larger titanium stays.
  • 6061 aluminum (DR4090) Shimano Direct Mount hanger is cross compatible with both Paragon’s Syntace compatible dropouts AND Syntace’s own dropouts. Offered in both bare and black.
  • Non-direct mount derailleur mounts will need to be ordered directly from Syntace for now, which the frame builder can do if not using a compatible Shimano rear mech for the build.
  • UPDATE: PMW will stock both Direct and Standard mount derailleur hangers.


FROM PARAGON: We recently released a Kearny & Trecker t-shirt that is available for purchase on our website. This t-shirt pays homage to a time gone by, when machine work was an inherent part of the US economy, and “Made in the USA” was the norm rather than the exception. All sales revenue from our promotional items are donated to local organizations that promote bicycle safety, welfare, and community and this month the proceeds will be going towards an educational fund two young children of Tom Palermo who was hit and killed by a car while riding his bike on December 27th, 2014. People are also welcome to donate on their own as well.


  1. Tim, the gain is in attaching the two ends of the swing arm together directly, not the diameter of the axle. Way back in the days of the Cannondale Prophet the difference between the quick release swing arm and the 135x12mm MX swing arm was enormous, that was also the last time I rode a FS bike without a thru-axle.

  2. Great explaination J N H.

    I have the x-12 on my mtb and it is very good. From stiffness to interface to the bolt break away instead of bent derailleurs. And it weighs about as much as a QR.


  3. Alb – Correct you are! Unfortunately 2SoulsCycles has proven a difficult source for these parts as they are located in Germany and do not have any North American distributors. A few of our customers approached us to see if we could start manufacturing these in the US for both ease of distribution and the desire to have a non-forged version. After contacting Syntace and performing some market research we ended up rolling out a complete line! All our dropouts and hangers are based on specifications supplied by Syntace to allow for both backward and forward compatibility between Paragon and other Syntace certified parts. So if you’d like to use the 2Souls dropouts, but want a Shimano Direct Mount Hanger, everything is in place to make that happen!

  4. Sam@PMW – makes sense – thanks for taking the time to explain. The updates with the Shimano DM hanger and eccentric inserts are nice. Good work!

  5. CS – If you check out Syntace’s X12 website you’ll find out Syntace has specifically designed the hanger bolt to be the wink link. This makes trail side fixes a little easier, as you simply replace the hanger bolt and keep riding (i.e. no need for derailleur adjustment after you re-install it on the hanger). This also benefits the consumer as the bolt is smaller (easier to carry spares) and costs less than a new hanger!

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