Funkier micro fleece winter cycling bib tight pants and long sleeve jersey review

Winter’s chill has been pretty rough this past month, yet Funkier’s micro fleece bib tight pants and long sleeve jersey held their own, keeping me plenty warm on rides dipping below freezing.

Nick reviewed similar pieces a couple years ago, but the styles and features have been updated, warranting a fresh look. I also tested their wind- and waterproof under helmet shell, which trapped any body heat trying to escape between my helmet’s vents, leading to a toasty, protected barrier complemented by my own winter gloves and shoes.

Both main pieces are deceptively normal in their thickness, but surprisingly capable at temps where I’d normally reach for a de-chamoised pair of shorts as an outer layer and a thicker base layer up top. With these, I could confidently head out with the mercury pointing at freezing with just a simple wool long-sleeve crew underneath…

Funkier micro fleece winter cycling bib tight pants and long sleeve jersey review

The pieces are both XL (I’m 6’2″) and fit great. The top has enough room for thicker (or multiple) base layers when necessary, and the tights fit well on both the legs and through the shoulder straps.

Funkier micro fleece winter cycling bib tight pants and long sleeve jersey review

The jersey has a slightly raised neck that zips snug enough (on me) to prevent drafts. The zipper has a nice dangly strap with rubberized grip that’s easy enough to grab with thick gloves, and will pull down pretty well (but not great) without having to hold the collar…but a few little tugs usually got it moving, and once it dropped a couple inches, it’d slide up and down easily.

Reflective strips on the well-structured shoulders…

Funkier micro fleece winter cycling bib tight pants and long sleeve jersey review

…and side panels jus above the pockets provide all-around visibility. The cut and panels make for easy movement on and off the bike, road or mountain. I wore them for a few cyclocross rides, too, and there’s ample range of movement for shouldering, pushing or (to myself) tossing your bike in disgust. Pockets are easy to reach as well.

Funkier micro fleece winter cycling bib tight pants and long sleeve jersey review

It has three standard pockets…

Funkier micro fleece winter cycling bib tight pants and long sleeve jersey review

…and a fourth zippered pocket with water resistant lining. It’ll fit a smartphone easily and keeps sweat or rain from ruining your life.

Funkier micro fleece winter cycling bib tight pants and long sleeve jersey review

The fleecy interior is fuzzy and soft, and it must be tightly woven because wind doesn’t seem to penetrate despite a lack of marketing claims to that effect. It’s not wind proof by any stretch, but my hunch is it combines with the chest-high coverage of the micro fleece bibs’ stomach panel to effectively block any cold air from reaching the skin. The lack of wind blocking claims is surprising for a winter-specific piece, but they do tout its breathability and quick drying nature, which I’d say works. I don’t remember finishing any of my rides and feeling clammy or soaked…and keeping dry is a big part of keeping warm, so kudos are offered here.

Funkier micro fleece winter cycling bib tight pants and long sleeve jersey review

The leg openings have a zipped cuff to ease ingress and egress, and they’re connected with a flap so if you do forget to zip them down, you won’t have them whipping about in the breeze or accidentally snagging in your chain. A reflective strip lines the outside, too. My only complaint with these is that they’re a bit short, sitting a couple inches above my high top winter shoes. For those who favor standard shoes with thick covers, you might want thicker socks to protect the gap. A double Lycra gripper keeps them in place.

Funkier micro fleece winter cycling bib tight pants and long sleeve jersey review

The pad is a standard ergonomically shaped foam pad. Nothing special, but plenty comfortable.

Funkier micro fleece winter cycling beanie cap review

Lastly, the beanie. Using a mix of Lycra, micro fleece and a TPU liner, it blocks anything that might freeze my noggin. The design mimic earmuffs with a dropped section over the ears (Sweetie called it a water polo cap). I would have liked a bit more forehead coverage as there were times when the cold air rushing across my face left pins and needles above my eyebrows, but overall it does a good job and fits under most helmets just fine.

All three pieces have UPF50 sun protection, and all three are highly recommended. They’re warmer than appearances suggest, which takes a bit of faith when rolling out on the coldest days until you warm up and are glad you kept things on the lighter side. I have a terrible tendency to make myself comfortable for the start of the ride, only to overheat 30 minutes in, and these minimize the chance of that happening without freezing my bits and pieces in the roll out.

As good as the performance is the price. While Funkier’s USA website is still showing prior versions (at ridiculous sale prices, BTdubs), these can be found on Funkier’s main website without pricing info…but trust that they’ll be far more competitive at full retail than most other stuff out there. And as Nick said and I concur, they seem to hold up to repeated wear and washings, too, making them a smart buy. Funkier USA (distributed by Torcano Ind.) said these newer pieces should be in their warehouse in April.


  1. Chris on

    Is there a model number for these? Their site has several pieces. You had written they will be in factory by April, but I don’t want to assume they will have a _NEW_ ribbon on their portrait, and I don’t want to write down all the model# of existing bib tights.

  2. Tyler Benedict on

    Chris – check the site and they’ll be on there with model numbers…it’s obvious which ones they are.

    Sardinien – it’s still plenty cold in quite a few places for quite a while, and, well, we get stuff in and posted when we can. Kinda tough to test winter clothes before it actually gets cold. Nature of the beast with clothing tests.

  3. Chris on

    Hey, thanks!

    Unfortunately that model number doesn’t correspond to anything on the (non-USA) site in the pant or bib section. That’s OK. I’m actually planning out my attire for next winter. Trying to find my perfect base layer for extreme cold, -20 to -40C, where I’ll be wearing two or three layers over my legs. In these situations my main concern for a base is insulation, There are outer layers to deal more directly with the harsh wind chill

    Tyler, sorry it isn’t obvious. That little graphic band around the bottom of the ankles doesn’t appear on any of the similar looking models on their website. That’s why I asked to be sure.

  4. Kevin Tuttle on

    We certainly appreciate the review, Tyler! Very good to hear you enjoyed your rides in Funkier and we always strive to bring the highest-quality apparel to the consumer at prices that the average person can afford.
    Chris, for your cold temperature rides, let me introduce you to our WJ1314 TPU jacket. You can see it on the site. I live in WI and have ridden in -10 F in this jacket with our base layer under it. Equipped with Funkier’s neck warmer and the UH-02 cap, as well as our microfleece pants with leg warmers over it, I was very toasty on my ride – even starting to sweat after the first couple of hills. We have a terrific line across the board, not just for winter riding. But considering the entire US has been frozen since about October, winter riding is the only way to ride.
    Feel free to contact me if you’d like to talk! I’m the director of Funkier USA.

  5. Nick on

    After 2x weeks I noticed the stitching had gone in the shoulder.
    The Funkier rep was not intrested.
    I purchased the bib at the same time and they are fine.
    I could not recommend this company due to no after sales service.
    My bike shop were so embaressed they have agreed to get it stitched.


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