The new Velo Angel saddle line takes a somewhat unique approach to bike seat construction, pushing the cut out all the way to the rear, where the base is joined by a suspended arch attached to the rails.

The concept claims to offer a supportive, comfortable saddle without relying on much padding, which puts the Angel squarely into the realm of performance road riders. And with the flagship Angel Glide coming in at just 122g and the gel-infused heaviest version a still palatable 245g, they’re sitting pretty.

The Y-shaped cutout relieves pressure and distributes the rider’s weight over more of the saddle, which should reduce hot spots and numbness. The Arctech rail mounts add more comfort by creating a small amount of flex to absorb bumps.


The lineup includes four models:

  • Angel Glide – carbon base, carbon rail, 128×282 – 122g
  • Angel Dive – ti rail, gel insert cover, 127×285 – 220g
  • Angel Ride – ti rail, gel insert cover, 144×285 – 245g
  • Angel Fly – ti rail, gel insert cover, 127×285 – 220g


Plenty of graphic patterns are available. The Angel is part of the Senso saddle line and should be available soon.


On their handlebar tape lineup, they’ve introduced a new, grippier gel tape, improving grip in both wet and dry conditions. As a bonus, it’s also highly reflective and is more durable than normal tape. Their gel material lines the back of the tape instead of an adhesive tape, pulling double duty as a vibration damper and helping it stay in place without being stuck to your bars.

For both the bar tape and their mountain bike grips, they’ve introduced a new silicone foam material that’s environmentally friendly, durable and grippy.


  1. The red flecks on the white saddle look disturbingly like blood spatter. Might be disconcerting in that area. Really like the Fruity Pebble bar tape, as well as the color-edged black.

  2. looks like a better version than the crowdfunded disaster that is list above this one. lighter and better designed.

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