ReMount v8 Specialized Command

Not happy with the current arrangement of your dropper post’s remote? At this point we’ve seen a few different options for improving the ergonomics of the drop from replacing the remote entirely, to modifying a front shifter. But for an easier, more cost effective solution, Lindarets is turning dropper remotes on their head, or on their side as it may be.

Rather than completely replacing the remote the new Lindarets ReMount allows you to reposition your current lever and adds increased adjustability in the process…


Made in the USA from injection molded Delrin which allows it to snap onto the bar without removing the grip, brake, etc., the ReMount is pretty simple. Though it still took 8 revisions to get the positioning and design just right. The use of Delrin instead of CNC aluminum also means the ReMount should be less likely to damage your handle bar when you crash.

Built to the same diameter as a handlebar, the adapter provides a horizontal mounting position for cable actuated remotes that would otherwise be vertical mount only. By repositioning the remote lever you no longer have to loosen your grip on the bar or contort your thumb just to work your dropper post.  Measuring 30mm in length, the ReMount also provides additional vertical adjustment so you can position the remote lever exactly where you want – basically where the shift paddle would be for the front shifter.

ReMount v8 Specialized Command w thumb


While the ReMount is mostly designed for bikes running 1x drivetrains, Lindarets mentions that some of their testers have found it to be an improvement even while running a front shifter. Illustrated by the bottom left photo above, the ReMount’s band is slender enough to fit under the indicator pod of a Shimano shifter as well. Due to the design, the ReMount is perfect for any dropper post that has a vertical mount, mechanical remote including the Giant Contact, Specialized Command Post, Thomson Covert, KS Droppers, and others. One of the few dropper posts that aren’t recommended for use is the RockShox Reverb since it is not ideal to push a plunger in from the side.

Lindarets Remount dropper post remote mount actual weight

At just 21g (with stainless bolt) and $19 shipped to your door, the ReMount is probably the easiest and cheapest way to improve the ergonomics of your dropper’s remote. Available now, you can head on over to the Lindarets store to order one for yourself today. As with other Lindarets products the price includes a credit for standard U.S. shipping which can be applied to expedited or international shipping as well.


  1. Nice idea! I just found a new use for those ugly mini handlebar extensions I had laying around! Thanks for the tip!

  2. A perfect solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist.

    5 years ago if you said “the remote to move my seatpost is getting in the way” the response would have been “are you high?”

  3. I still think turning a left shifter into a remote is a better idea. Perfect ergonomics and sits in the place where you where you are used to having it.

  4. DK,

    That was actually our starting point- wanting the remote to sit where the shifter does/did. Unfortunately, the shifter hack doesn’t work with Thomson (or Giant) remotes, as their cable barrel is at the post end and not everyone has a shifter that they’re willing to hack.

    We ended up with the current design as it allows the user to put the remote right where the shifter paddle once was, accommodates most of the cable-actuated posts on the market, and doesn’t require new cable/housing/etc.- it really is a quick install.

    The shifter hack is a good one- but we feel like we captured all of its benefits while adding some of our own.


  5. Anytime I can make my my ride better for the price of a few pints its a no-brainer. Even after a year with the same post, I still have times where I’m too deep in the chunk to get to the remote, getting one of these ASAP

  6. @Matt, that was my first thought too but Lindarets does get credit for adapting the concept with an offset clamp and a longer stub for better lever placement. I have installed one of those Profile Design computer mounts on a set of aero bars and it is really too stubby for this application.

  7. Matt & Joe,

    The Profile mount is clean- but it’s not really up to the task of holding its ground with the off-axis forces the ReMount sees. Also, when mounted on the bottom/left position, the action of the lever loosens the mount. 😮


  8. @Colin “Hey you kids, get off my lawn!!!” Five years ago, I’d already been running dropper posts for five years. However, since I’m already geezerific, what do I know? Now get off my lawn, ya punks!

  9. Or you could just buy a bar end at the co-op for $1.

    You know those things mountain bikers used to use but no one knows what they are anymore.

  10. I think some are missing the point “just use a old bar end” that bar end doesn’t fit under the shifter window of a shamino shifter eg pic with the giant grip of the amount of off set.

  11. Most of the pictures show it on 1x bikes, the guy says the product is designed for 1x bikes, and it’s meant to put the remove where the shift lever used to be.

  12. Anonymous,

    That’s right- the ReMount was designed for one-by (or singlespeed) cockpits, but it works surprisingly well with doubles too. It wasn’t planned, but our local Giant dealer was happy not to have to try to route the dropper cable *through*the left shifter to get a decent lever position. It’s shown (poorly- kicking myself for going with black) in the bottom-left of the four photos above.

    Marc L

  13. Just mount an Xfusion gimbaled actuator on top of the bar and nudge it with a knuckle when you need to up-or-down your bad-self and no moving of fingers or thumbs. Awesomely simple and efficient even when you’re whiteknucklin’ through the chunk.

  14. I wish I could un-invent this. Use the grip mount, front shifter option, this size of this thing is obnoxious, regardless of weight. If one was worried about grams they’d be running a carbon straight post, this invention is as silly as the 650 vs 27.5 argument. They’re both dumb, run 29.

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