Feedback Sports makes some of our favorite workstands, so it’s no surprise their bicycle storage products are top quality, too. Such is the case with the Velo Wall Post, a folding beam that holds your bike by the saddle or wheels with room for another set of wheels, helmet or myriad other gear. And it does all this with minimal footprint, making it the perfect addition for cramped city living since it folds up to the wall when not in use.

We first spotted it at Interbike last fall, where they showed off its integrated lock loop, allowing you to run a cable lock through the base to secure your bike. It took a while before we installed our test sample, but now that they’re available and shipping (and with some friendly prodding from them), we found a spot for one more bike on our walls…


The base is steel, capable of supporting up to 50lbs so long as you follow their installation rules about only screwing it into a wall stud. Actual installation took under 10 minutes including time walking to the garage to get my level, stud detector, drill, and drill bits. If you have these tools, then you almost certainly have the skills to mount this as a one-person job.

Other than the box, what you see above is what you get. I like that the installation instructions are printed on the back of the box, saving paper.


The end is covered in a firm rubber bumper, and the same material runs in five thick strips along the length of the post to prevent damage/scratches to your stuff.


Mounted, it sticks out about 14″ from the wall, 12″ of which is useable to hang things on.


I’d never really thought about storing a bike in my office bathroom, but the Velo Wall Post keeps it up and out of the way. And out of the walkway in the office. Now I just need to move my vintage surfer art to the opposite wall!

It does what it’s supposed to, mounts rock solid in minutes, and offers an easy, compact storage solution, all good things in my book. My only feedback for Feedback? A white and/or paintable version would be nice to help it blend in with the decor better.

It comes with a three-year warranty, requires a 7.25″ x 2.5″ (184mm x 64mm) mounting area, and retails for $32.99.


  1. Colin on

    Dig these, maybe add a flip up shelf at pedal height that keeps pedals off the drywall/can act as a helmet shelf?

  2. Ditto on

    Nice idea, a little pricey for what it is.

    There are DIY alternatives.

    For indoor hanging:
    French Cleat. No longer restricted to studs, versatile, dynamic and stronger.

    For bikewash/outdoors:
    The stamped steel will rust.

    Use 18″ of 2″ wood dowel and just drill a corresponding hole in your post.

    Don’t want the dowel there permanently? Pull it out, or cut it off level and walk away.


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