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Velo is already one of the largest saddle producers in the world, but most of their business comes from making saddles that end up with another name on them. As part of a continuing push into aftermarket products of their own, Velo has a complete new range of Angel saddles that sit at the upper end of the product spectrum. First introduced in Taipei, the new Angel line builds on their wing concept which uses longer rails and leaf spring-like Arctech attachment points to create a saddle that is far more flexible than a traditional shell.

Even though that means the saddles can get away with less padding and still be comfortable, Velo is still adding some extra padding to a few models for a little more give…

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Using three different patents on the design, the Angel range is split into four different models with the Glide, Dive, Ride, and Fly. All of the saddles use a nylon shell with the exception of the full carbon Glide at the very top of the range. In addition to the new models, there are also a number of new colors schemes with matching shells. On the Dive, Ride, and Fly models, the saddle uses a gel bladder for padding which is then completely sealed at the edges of the shell making for a waterproof design.

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Equipped with either Carbon (Glide only) or Titanium rails, the full carbon Glide checked in at 123g on our scale, just one gram over claimed.

Claimed weights

  • Angel Glide – carbon base, carbon rail, 128×282 – 122g
  • Angel Dive – ti rail, gel insert cover, 127×285 – 220g
  • Angel Ride – ti rail, gel insert cover, 144×285 – 245g
  • Angel Fly – ti rail, gel insert cover, 127×285 – 220g

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Having a little fun with the Chinese New Year, Velo was also showing off this awesome Sheep saddle which could be the perfect accessory for the year of the sheep/goat.


  1. James S on

    The saddles in the top picture look like someone ate some really bad candy sprinkled donuts with unfortunate results.


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