Schwalbe ProCore dual chamber tubeless converstion system for mountain bike tires

Introduced at Eurobike last year, we had all the technical specs, actual weights and details of the Schwalbe ProCore dual chamber tubeless system covered in detail. All that was needed was for it to start shipping, and today the wait is over.

Built around a tire within a tire concept, the ProCore setup places a thin, lightweight secondary “tire” inside your main mountain bike tire, allowing for a lower pressure where the rubber hits the trail and a higher pressure tube inside to protect against big hits. A clever valve stem and air guide let you inflate both with a single hole in the rim.

The parts will be sold as a complete kit and as individual parts. Ready to get pumped up…twice?


ProCore’s goal is to allow very, very low pressure for enhanced traction and small bump absorption without risking pinch flats or rim damage. The outer tire can be run as low as 0.8 bar (11.6psi), while the inner tube inside the inner tire is inflated to 4-6 bar (58 – 87psi).

The only caveats are the inside rim width should be at least 23mm and the outside tire should be 2.25″ wide or wider. Any brand rim and outer tire should work so long as you’re running tubeless rim tape (or a sealed rim bed) and sealant.


Parts include the inner tire, inner tube, air guide (red) and dual port valve stem (which is attached to the inner tube). Check our Eurobike coverage for an in-depth look at how it functions.


The complete kit will retail for €195 and include two bottles of sealant, rim tape, tire levers and Schwalbe’s easy-on tire bead lube with sponge applicator bottle…plus all the important parts of the system required to set up two wheels. If you’ve already got all the extras, you can buy the inner tube (€19,90), inner tire (€59,90) and Air Guide (€2,90) separately. It’s available for 26″ / 27.5″ /29″ wheel sizes.

We’ve reached out for USD$ pricing and will update as we get it.


  1. The blue inner tube was unmistakable flapping around Mulally’s bike at the Lourdes world cup, seems like they have some work to do.

  2. Steve M: Settle down buddy. It isn’t a “straight rip off”. Maybe you don’t use the Tubliss system or you didn’t look at the photos. The Schwalbe single valve is a clear change from Tubliss dual valve system.

    Plus the blue Schwalbe core shield is obviously not the same as the red Tubliss core shield. Duh. 😉

  3. You do have to make sure that the rim you are putting it on can accept this. Some of the carbon rims that don’t recommend higher PSI that the inner tube are required. I do think that this is a cool idea and yeah for cross it would be so sweet

  4. I was just wondering last night when this was actually going to hit retail. I think this system is truly a game changer and I can’t want to try it! Hopefully it comes to the US market soon!

  5. I like the idea. It’s sort of like tubulars. You are not forcing the pressure in the tire to do 2 jobs at once. One job being to hold the tire to the rim and the other to provide the tire with a good amount of traction and absorption. The only thing I don’t like is the weight : (

  6. Is the 4 bar minimum in the inner chamber up from previous requirements? That pressure is quite high for carbon rims. It would be a shame for this solution to require alloy rims to work.

  7. @Patrick – I agree. I just realized I’ll have to get new, wider rims. I don’t want to do that, but I ride fully rigid and these pressures are too good to pass on. I have not heard a thing about any other sizes in that regard.

  8. “Very, very low pressures” are still undesirable as the tire won’t have enough resistance to folding over during hard cornering. My impression of this system is that it will allow optimal tire pressures with higher reliability. Neko has proved that this isn’t a total panacea yet, but I’d love to give it a try with my mortal skills.

  9. i wonder how fun/reliable its going to be over time.
    tubeless seems muuuuuuuuuch simpler and works ok for me (2years on road now, still no flat or troubles of any kind, albeit the rim and tire selection is quite limited)

  10. +1 for cyclocross format, svp. I would ditch my tubulars for good if this was a light and reliable enough alternaltive. Also seems perfect for fat bikes, though I don’t really care about hopping mine up; other do.

  11. The wider the tire, the more pressure it puts on the rim at the same PSI. So the inner tire should be fine at 6 bar for any rim.

  12. Hi all, just to say, tried to fit Procore to a set of ENVE M60s today, epic fail! The threaded valve stem on the Procore valve isn’t long enough for the ENVEs, basically impossible to get any thread visible to get the valve nut on. This of course makes it impossible to get a tubeless seal.
    Very frustrating! Ewan

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