The 2016 Cannondale SuperSix EVO carbon and CAAD12 alloy road bikes both received major makeovers from prior models, with the latter skipping an entire numeral in its progression scheme. We covered the technical details of the bikes over here, so this post shows the spec lineup for each of the models along with actual weights for a size 56 with tubes in the tires (meaning, not tubeless). Unless otherwise noted, they mostly have Cannondale bar, stem and seatpost with a Fabric or Fizik saddle.

Above is the CAAD12 Disc with Shimano 105 and C’dale’s own 2.0 Disc wheels and Si cranks, and Schwalbe Lugano tires, coming in at 8.67kg (19.11lb).


CAAD12 rim brake / 105 / Mavic Aksum wheels & Schwalbe Lugano tires – 8.19kg (18.06lb)


CAAD12 disc / Ultegra / Mavic Aksium wheel-tire system / Si cranks with SpiderRings – 8.51kg (18.76lb)


CAAD12 rim brake / Ultegra / Mavic Aksium wheel-tire system / Si cranks with SpiderRings – 7.49kg (16.51lb)


CAAD12 disc / Dura-Ace / Mavic Ksyrium wheel-tire system – 8.17kg (18.01lb)


CAAD12 Black Inc. rim brake / Dura-Ace / SiSL2 cranks with SpiderRing / Mavic Ksyrium Pro wheel-tire system – 6.74kg (14.86lb)



SuperSix EVO / Ultegra mechanical / Si cranks with SpiderRings / Mavic Ksyrium wheel-tire system – 6.89kg (15.19lb)


SuperSix EVO / Dura-Ace mechanical / Si cranks with SpiderRings / Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheel-tire system – 6.61kg (14.57lb)


SuperSix EVO / Dura-Ace mechanical / SiSL2 cranks with SpiderRings / Mavic Ksyrium Pro wheel-tire system – 6.49kg (14.03lb)


SuperSix EVO / Dura-Ace Di2 / SiSL2 cranks with SpiderRings / Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40C wheel-tire system – 6.28kg (13.85lb)


SuperSix EVO Black Inc. / Dura-Ace mechanical / SiSL2 cranks with SpiderRings / ENVE Smart aero wheels, stem and aero handlebar – 5.82kg (12.83lb)

2016 Cannondale Slate gravel adventure road bike with new Lefty Oliver fork

We also weighed the new Slate for our story on Cannondale’s take on the gravel bike segment. Check out the full story here to get all the details on the 650B-wheeled, 9.92kg (21.87lb) adventure bike.



  1. CAAD skipping a number and going to 12. Kinda like Windows 8 going to Windows 10 and offering free upgrade. I wonder if recent buyers of CAAD10 will also get a free upgrade

  2. Just got my free CAAD12 upgrade and I am loving it, let me know how the rest of you CAAD10 owners like the upgraded version when yours come in.

  3. I’ll take the free upgrade

    but I’ve been avoiding throwing my leg over an EVo, as it will cost twice what my current car is worth

  4. All – thanks for your concern, but a) no, I didn’t have to do anything of the sort at the moment, and b) I can get the bikes steadied very quickly after seven years of doing this. Yep, Bikerumor turns 7 this month!

  5. CAAD12 Ultegra bikes prove that adding disc to your road/cyclocross bike adds 2 POUNDS to the weight of the bike.

    Then again the standard Fred doesn’t care.

    • You can pay $100 MORE to get a CAAD 12 Ultegra disk bike over the EVO Ultegra rim brake bike… the CAAD 12 bike weights almost 3lbs more… Stupid is, as stupid does

  6. Discs aren’t Fred. Ex: Someone not racing and upgrading from maybe a 19lb bike to a disc model at 18lb. They get a lighter bike with better brakes than they had, immensely so if they ride in the rain. win, win.
    2lbs means a lot to me, up until maybe 16 lbs (that is light enough and I won’t spend more to go under). 2lbs may mean nothing to someone else.
    To say otherwise would mean the only road bike selling is the light frameset out for that year. Simply untrue.

  7. laughing at the ‘2lb makes a difference crew’ but they still eat animal fat so they an store more body fat to lug up the hill.

  8. @Birdman, the Ultegra model may be standard – the others are certainly HiMod, and the Black,Inc of course Nano.

    @Colin and the 2lb weight penalty crew.. I am certain that at least 1lb of that penalty is from wheel choice, which could easily be remedied.

  9. Interestingly the 2015 CAAD10 black inc disc ( sram red, czero carbon clinchers) weights only 16.3 lbs. I would like to see some images of the 2016 standard SS EVO ( i know, they will remain virtually unchanged for 2016).

  10. Weight is so 2011.

    I would like Bikerumor to start taking a table fan and streamers to demonstrate the aero.

    Please and thank you, really looking forward to future interbike coverage with this new, modern, angle on things.

  11. Weightwise i’m most impressed with the Slate. So many of these gravel bikes that have come out lately are actually as heavy or heavier and that’s without the suspension. I’d be pretty interested in seeing what a rigid version will be like. After all, the BadBoy comes in several versions these days.

  12. @goridebikes, all these are HiMod. The standard mod Evo remains in the line, it is only the HM that gets the upgrades this season. There is also no Nano, all of the performance benefits were met with the new bike to not need a Nano version. As these are also all Di2 compatible all those Evo’s are the same frame now, different paint.

  13. @goridebikes

    Sorry but the wheels are clearly the same, other than the obvious disc hub. The weight comes from the caliper and rotor mostly. Plus the rotor is so not aero brah. haha

    I’m no roadie but putting so much weight on a bike just for the 1% of time you need extra stopping power takes away from the beauty of a simplicity of a road bike. Then again fixed gear riders probably thing we are all stupid for the ugly gears and brakes.

    oh Friday…

  14. The question is is a 2-lb penalty worth it– I would say yes. No more grime and fall leaves getting caught up in brake calipers, infinitely smoother & more reliable braking, and it looks cleaner around the fork/stays. Plus the weight is low down so it doesn’t affect handling.

  15. @Colin M: Ah, that old mistaken argument that the benefit of disc brakes is more power. The truth is that the real benefit is better modulation and better consistency, all with better power. The weight will come down, and as it is, there are already disc equipped road bikes that weigh much less.

  16. Good climbers may love disc brakes because they could go faster/easier on technical downhill, which is so rewarding after some hard climbs.

    carbon tubeless rims become daily reality with disc brakes.

    I’m a disc brake convert and won’t go back to rim brake.

  17. I don’t know. I still say that the Machete is simple faster. It weighs in at 44lbs. That’s gonna smoke any Caad 12 or even a Caad 7 with dura ace. My money is going to that Specialized crank on the Machete. I think in 2016 the Specialized cranks will out perform and beat out the Si cranks in the market place. Visp over Cannadale in the tour. I mean at half the price who can get a better deal? Plus full alloy wheels.

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