Having released all of their major new models earlier this summer, the biggest news coming out of Trek World is their new direct-to-consumer online sales program, which seems to do an admirable job of keeping the dealer in the loop.

For bikes, they’ve already released their new Madone aero road race bike for the Tour de France team to use. On the dirt, their pros have been racing the completely redesigned Top Fuel and ProCaliber SL, and the Fuel EX got the Boost 148/110 upgrade.

What remained to be seen was what they’d do with their Remedy and Slash platforms. The Remedy 29ers were the first to get Boost, ushering in the latest standard craze, and those carry over with Boost on both ends of the bike. We hear one model might even get the Fox 36 fork. Here, though, we have the 27.5″ bikes, including a new women’s model, all of which keep the standard 12×142 rear end…


Shown up top of the post is the Slash 7, and spec is directly above.


The Slash 8 upgrades to a SRAM GX1 1×11 group with 2-position Pike fork and better brakes.



A lot of folks expected the Remedy 27.5 bikes to grow into a Boost format, but our man on the scene in Wisconsin says that’s not the case. But, there is a lot of purple going around.



There’s now a women’s Remedy 27.5 mountain bike, presumably (hopefully) with appropriately tuned suspension and cockpit dimensions. Other than that, the spec is similar to the regular Remedy models.



The big news on Bontrager’s 2016 helmet line is the addition of MIPS, the rotational injury reduction system that places a breakaway liner inside the helmet. The idea is that it helps the helmet spin a bit around your head rather than yanking your head with all of the impact. That may reduce rotational brain injury, which would be a good thing. The second biggest news is that in addition to their 30-day comfort guarantee that lets you return it during the first month of ownership if you don’t like it, Bontrager’s helmets will now also come with a 1-year crash replacement guarantee. If you wreck it in the first 12 months from a crash, they’ll give you a new one free. Not bad.

The Solstice is their general purpose helmet and comes in at just $59.99 and 325g.


The Starvos debuted last year as a mid-tier, full featured helmet. The new MIPS version comes in at 285g and $89.99.


The full coverage Rally mountain bike helmet tips the scales at a hefty 450g with MIPS, and retails for $149.99.


Apparently purple and hi-vis yellow are Trek’s hot new colors for 2016.



  1. If I can get the Neon Ballista with MIPS and a crash replacement guarantee, then I’ll buy one for sure for my next helmet.

  2. In my experience the crash replacement even allows you to replace a crashed helmet with a different model of equal or lower price. I had a customer who crashed a Velocis and the guys and Bontrager/Trek were willing to send him a Ballista as a replacement.

  3. MM, the 2016 dp air version is updated to feel more like the solo air, something about more progressive, with a longer negative spring, yada yada.

  4. 450 grams!! That is not a good deal at any price. Anyone can make a 450g helmet. Just buy an open-face motorcycle helmet that is D.O.T. approved if safety is the #1 concern.

  5. I’ve got a Rally helmet and it freakin ROCKS! never thought I was gonna be rockin a bontrager helmet but after trying everything on it was a clear winner. plus when I drug my head against the trail at mob speed they replaced it no questions asked. Also my head was unscathed (unlike the rest of my body), so it appears to have done the job.

  6. Jim, the weight is not an issue (I think it feels really light actually) and the venting is really effective for how much coverage it has. If your ridin XC stuff then yea, there are prolly better helmets, but for an enduro bike that easily gets into DH catagory terrain, I wouldn’t want any less coverage.

  7. I don’t get all the boost hate? wider hubs, less dish, more width at the main suspension pivot area’s all seem like great idea’s.

    I’m actually a little scared to buy a bike without boost because it seems like a standard that everyone will switch to eventually…

  8. Chris T – You missed the point. A DOT moto helmet is safer if weight is not an issue, so why not use a vented moto helmet?

    Giant’s new Rail is only 275 grams and 18 vents.

  9. No mention of Manitou Magnum 34 Comp being spec’d on early production versions (and still on Trek’s website) because they beat SRAM/RockShox to the market?

  10. Jim, I dont have a MIPS version. And I have a full face, and it is obviously much lighter than that. No need to argue about it, I bought it cause it fits my dome incredibly well, has good coverage and looks good, I don’t really care if Giant makes a lighter one. All I’m saying is I’ve been really happy with and Trek’s service.

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