At first glance, the new Trickstuff Deckele may not seem like much, but it’s the world’s lightest star nut at just 12g. That, and it provides the perfect item for pulling your stem and spacers tight when using a carbon steerer tube because it is not, in fact, anything like a traditional star nut…


The center bolt is there only to hold the top cap, which is included and necessary because it’s designed for the thinner than normal bolt. To secure the Deckele inside the steerer, the other bolt pulls up on a wedge that evenly expands the entire body of the part to apply full, even pressure all the way around the inside of the steerer tube. They say it shouldn’t slip like typical expansion plugs used on carbon steerers can.


Another nice feature is that it can run wires and hoses right past it, with plenty of roomy holes for multiple lines to slip past. It fits inside diameters from 23.3mm up to almost 25mm.


The new Gandhi seatpost collar puts the bolt as close to the post as possible, which prevents uneven pressure and binding. It’s also perfectly round on the inside, and requires less torque, which is good for dropper posts since it won’t have to be tightened so much that it binds the telescoping element (yes, that can happen).


It, too, is very light.


New Beta brake hose made from Kevlar is just 17g per meter but will handle up to 630 bar, so it won’t expand under braking. Compared to their Goodridge hose, it’ll save about 40-50g per bike.


Friendship adapter allows you to put Shimano shifters with a SRAM brake, opposite of what their Matshi does.


The biggest item at their booth was the all-new Direttissima brake lever. The name is derived from Italian and means “most direct route.” They say it has the weight of an XTR trail brake, but provides 10% more power than Shimano Saints.



Both the lever and the piston pushrod move on bearings rather than bushings. It’s a mineral oil system.


The lever is totally new, but the caliper will get a 1mm larger diameter piston. For two piston brakes, it’ll bump to 17mm, and the four pot goes to 13 and 17. Available end of this year. €800 for both wheels in any colors you want.



  1. anonymous on

    Not a star nut, and I have a 6.8g J&L expander plug I bought for $13. If your expander plug is slipping, you’re using way too much preload on the headset.

  2. pmurf on

    I’ve got the MCFK expander on my bike. It weighs 11.7g, and has never budged. Furthermore, Tune and Extralite make models that are even less. All of these use a more traditional compression cam design and aren’t technically “starnuts,” but neither is the Deckele. Why make claims that aren’t true?

    Very cool design though!

  3. Stravarious on

    @pmurf, You are a true weight weenie, quibbling about 0.3 grams or 1/100 of an ounce. That is about the same weight of a fly going into your mouth.

  4. Dave on

    Agree, it’s not a starnut, it’s a novel design for an expander plug. I see no reason it couldn’t be used with steel or Al steerers since regular expanders also work with them if the OD is suitable.

  5. pfs on

    It looks like it would put a point load at all three od the wedge pieces. Not ideal for carbon… Also, I thought that part of the expansion plugs job aside from adjusting the headset was to provide extra support to the steerer to deal with the clamping forces of the stem. I dont see this as serving that duty as well as a traditional plug. But afterall, they are your teeth and you can always buy new ones!

  6. pmurf on

    @Stravarious I ride a steel frame…maybe I’m trying to make up for that 🙂 My quibble isn’t over the 0.3 grams, it’s over the “worlds lightest” claim. It just bothers me that they chose to make that the cornerstone of their pitch. The fact that it works on multiple materials AND lets cabling pass through all at 12g is amazing. Just lead with that.

  7. Derek on

    @pfs It’s not the silver wedge piece that contacts the steerer. The wedge piece only expands the black piece (it’s not a complete circle) to grab hold of the steerer.

  8. Klaus Liedler on

    Hi to the world, this is Trickstuff speaking.

    1. Concerning our expander system: It is 12 grams INCLUDING the top cap and the tension bolt! The total weight of the tune GumGum system is 15,44 grams. The Extralite system stresses the carbon sterer much more because of the very small power transfer surface. The tune system might not stand the pull tension of the tension bolt in all cases.

    2. The piston sizes of our brake calipers are as follows:
    2 piston caliper: 2 x 22 mm
    4 piston caliper: 2 x (14 + 17) mm – which is the same piston area as for the 2 piston caliper and, thus, the same braking power at same hand force.
    The 4 piston caliper has a slightly harder feel and a smaller pad clearance (2 piston: 0.2mm per side; 4 piston: 0,15mm per side).

  9. jeff on

    Man, I worry so much about the weight of my star nuts, gotta have these, with all those weight savings, I’ll surely be the first atop every climb.


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