Giro raised the bar across all categories this year, from adding lumbar support in its new highest-performance Chrono Pro Road Bib to adding MIPS technology to their children’s helmets. For those as concerned about their environmental impact as their head protection, Giro developed a fully compostable/recyclable helmet, the Silo. Last but not least, women can look forward to a few exciting womens-specific offerings.

Sometimes things are worth waiting for, such as Giro’s debut of the women’s lace-up Empire ACC road shoe! After years of lamenting that a women’s-specific fit option was not available, women can now enjoy a gloss black version of the popular shoe. With any luck, more color options and a dirt version are not far behind…


Front and center in their performance line is their Chrono Pro Road Bib. Giro spared no detail in years long development of this product, utilizing Italian lycra, a custom stretch material for straps, and working with Elastic Interface to develop a custom-to-Giro chamios for this particular model. There is a knit lumbar panel to provide support and relief for long rides, new to this model. Sorry, ladies, the women’s version of this technology comes only in short form- though, with an attractive galaxy print (to match the new women’s Empire). We can hope a halter-style to match last year’s Giro Women’s Halter Bib is in the works.


IB15_Giro_Scamp_helmet_1 IB15_Giro_Scamp_helmet_2

An exciting introduction for the younger crowd, Giro’s new co-molded Scamp children’s helmet features MIPS and shares colorways with visually similar adult versions. Now children’s helmets match mom’s or dad’s in terms of level of both concussion-mitigation and style.

IB15_Giro_silo_helmet_sign IB15_Giro_Silo_helmet

Also new in helmets is the Giro Silo, a more environmentally conscious option for the safety conscious. The plant-based Expanded Polylactic Acid liner performs and protects like traditional EPS foam, but can be removed and composted after the helmet is damaged or meets the end of useful life. The hard shell is similarly friendly, able to be recycled after use.

IB15_Giro_Transfer_Legging_1 IB15_Giro_Transfer_Legging_detail

And lastly, as covered in our Eurobike coverage, the old New Road Line is now redefined within the construct of Venture, Transfer, and Truant- each with a more specific product purpose and lifestyle. A standout in the newly defined Transfer line is the Transfer Legging, a tuxedo pant that offers an interesting technical take on a casual staple of many women’s wardrobes. Designed for life on a bike in terms of style and fit, the leggings have massive, usable pockets as well as reflective strips down the sides of the pants for visibility in low light.



  1. I really like the empire shoes, they look good and they feel great when you put them on BUT after over 600 miles in a month they are starting to bug me a little bit, i will put them on and get them all laced up for the ride and head out about 15 minuets into the ride my feet start to bug me and i have to adjust them and it a little hard to do that with the lace. i am on the edge about putting mine away and go with something else

  2. @ROCKY

    Laces aren’t for everybody. If you’re like me and you like to make “on the fly” adjustments to improve comfort as the ride progresses, there are plenty of closure mechanisms more suited to your style.

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