Not going to lie, State Bicycle Company’s lineup at Interbike last year seemed to be missing a little something. The line leapt from their Thunderbird cyclocross model to their Megalith fat bike with nothing in between. This year, State debuted their missing link, the Pulsar 29er, available complete as a single speed in both fully rigid and hardtail configurations. But that’s not the only thing up the urban brand’s sleeve. State has several new attractive track models, including limited release Retro Reissues of several retired models for those of us who missed them the first time around, and a Le Mans-inspired Undefeated velodrome racing frameset. More after the jump…

IB15_State-Bicycle-Co_Pulsar_29er_Dustin-Klein_1 IB15_State-Bicycle-Co_Pulsar_29er_gusset

The Pulsar 29er frame is constructed from 4130 cromoly tubing and features a stout downtube gusset and a reinforced soupcan headtube to facilitate bombing on any trail. For styling of their foray into 29ers, State used Dustin Klein of Cadence for a topography-inspired graphic treatment.

The Pulsar is designed to be a gateway bike. Available with a thrashable singlespeed spec, the model is available at an entry-level price point and is designed to grow with the rider when they feel they need more gears in their life and as they can make the investment. Chain tensioning for the singlespeed configuration is accomplished through an eccentric bottom bracket so the frame comes standard with a replaceable vertical drive side dropout. An alternative dropout with hanger, is included with the bike, and can be installed to enable a rear derailleur. The model will come standard with a narrow-wide chainring to facilitate one-by drivetrains if and when the time comes.

IB15_State-Bicycle-Co_Pulsar_29er_cable-guide IB15_State-Bicycle-Co_Pulsar_29er_FD-stop

The frame is dripping in removable drivetrain cable guides as well as a cable stop for a front derailleur. While the spec isn’t completely nailed down, the hardtail will be available complete at MSRP $1049, and a fully rigid complete version will be available at $649.


Also new for this year is a selection of exciting new limited edition styles, including this Le Mans-inspired Undefeated frameset. Featuring double butted 7000 series aluminum tubing, a teardrop downtube profile, and a full carbon 1-1/8in straight steerer fork, the frame construction is fully able to facilitate the stiffness and speed that the color way suggests. Only 100 of these frames are available, and $579 for frame, fork, and headset, they will move fast.

IB15_State-Bicycle-Co_retro-reissue_Copper-5 IB15_State-Bicycle-Co_retro-reissue_Copper-3

IB15_State-Bicycle-Co_retro-reissue_Copper-1 IB15_State-Bicycle-Co_retro-reissue_Copper-4

State will also be releasing a series of “Retro Reissue” complete track models, featuring colors and designs of retired product in highly limited numbers. Only fifty lugged, cromoly Copper bikes (shown above) will be released, and each will feature a seat tube badge with its production number. Other details include a track dropout with integrated chain tensioner, inch-threaded quill stem, deep drop bars with wooden bar-end plugs, standard. You can get yours for MSRP$629.


Lastly, there was this mysterious triple triangle beauty with a biplane fork crown. Few details about this classic model were given at the time of the show- though, if the USA-themed paint treatment is any indicator, fans of the brand could be looking at an exciting new brand direction. More information on this guy is to come.



  1. I’m guessing the likeness to vintage Rocky Mountain Blizzards is intentional (right down to the banner over mountain range logo)?

  2. these are the same people that released a FATBIKE with a “one size fits all” frame size.

    from their website – suits riders 5′.0″ to 6′.5″.


  3. @Charlie – Yeah, I did a double-take. “ZOMG Rocky is re-releasing olde skool Blizzard YES!”, but them put my wallet back in my pocket…

  4. Get this: State makes a big deal out of offering fixies in so-called limited runs. But then, State proceeds to revive these limited runs (which were not even really limited to begin with) as “Retro Reissues.” What a crock. State gets no respect on the fixie forums that I read, and now I understand why.

  5. Oh and by the way: are we supposed to get excited about the LeMans Edition Undefeated, which is the same as any other Undefeated frame but with a fancy paint job that isn’t even that great to begin with?

  6. Darn, I’m trying hart to find something unique about these frames. I can’t. Are these Taiwanese catalog bikes? Dunno. Moving on.

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