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While many lights try to help illuminate your wheels, with Revolights, your wheels are the lights. Now, Revolights has taken their wild looking and very noticeable Eclipse LED wheel add-on and introduced Bluetooth to add features and expand their functionality through your smartphone. While outside the box, you can’t argue that these things stand out, and isn’t that exactly what you want?

Beam down past the break to see how the Revolights Eclipse+ works and a video of it in action…….


We first saw Revolights’ Eclipse rim mounted light system back in 2012.  It consists of rim mounted pieces containing 24 LED lights per wheel that mount just inside the rim and a hub mounted battery pack. Through magnets and an accelerometer, the LEDs light up from the side, forward and rearward directions casting a light on the wheels as well as the ground in front and behind you. While providing 360° of illumination the Eclipse+ also produces enough light to see where you’re going. The folks at Revolights are once again crowdfunding their new Eclipse+ version through their Indiegogo page, which takes the latter system a step further with Bluetooth integration to connect it with your smartphone.

Phone_Speed Watch-Speed

While more features are in planning, the combination of Revolights’ smartphone app and Eclipse+ will give you turn signals, remote & auto on/off, a time of day sensor and real-time battery status. It will also offer Ride & Achievement Tracking as well as weather alerts. You can program it so the Eclipse+ will automatically turn on when you approach the bike when it picks up the signal from your phone.

The Revolights Eclipse+ system retails for $249, but if you act fast, they’re offering an early bird special at $219. Though not as cheap and as easy to install as a mid-level front and rear light set up, the additional visibility the Eclipse’s 360° of illumination added to a dedicated commuter bike may not be a bad investment. They’ve also teamed up with Pure Fix Bicycles to sell bikes through their Indiegogo page with the Revolights Eclipse+. For $599, you can get a Pure Fix Coolidge Bicycle with the Eclipse+ already installed.


  1. All the phone features are pretty floofy, but getting rid of the hub battery and wires is a major improvement. They’re so close! Once this lighting system is super reliable and integrated into the rims themselves, consider me sold.

  2. I don’t think that an integrated system in the rims would be a very good idea honestly. Then you’re limiting the options for your consumer. People like to be able to run whatever they want. Better to have the unit attach to the rim instead of being integrated. Then riders can run whatever rim they want and still use the product.

  3. Interesting; you think? I figure you partner with a solid company, and integrate into something like a Fusion or F30. If this is for city bikes, that should appeal to 90% of your market. Consumers still have the option to lace to whatever hub they’d like.

    I think there’s a bigger advantage to not having extra parts tacked on the outside of your wheels. It would be more robust against damage, and the pockets for electronics could be potted for better weatherproofing… not to mention look sleek as hell. Sure, they’d be pricey to manufacture, but they’d also be much more resistant to theft (and with proper wheel mounting secure with only one lock).

    I’m just hoping someone from Revolights sees this, or is already working on it 🙂

  4. I owned the first version of the Revolights and they look AWESOME by night. But they were a PITA to mount and looked terrible during the day. The assembly should be a little better now, but they still look terrible during the day. I am also for an integrated version into the rim.

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