PBE Bike Richard Sachs (2)

Continuing from where we left off, the Philly Bike Expo was filled with examples of just what makes handmade bikes stand out. It wouldn’t be a selection of handmade bikes without something from Richard Sachs, right?

PBE Bike Richard Sachs (1)

This team cross bike was stunning in green and white.

PBE Bike Ellis (1)

PBE Bike Ellis (3) PBE Bike Ellis (2)

Ellis Cycles had a few show pieces including this classy road disc bike and a Rohloff equipped Plus build.

PBE Bike Dogwood cycles (2)

PBE Bike Dogwood cycles (1) PBE Bike Dogwood cycles (3)

PBE Bike Dogwood cycles (4)

Formerly Sarif Cycle Worx, David Johnson is still building incredible frames under the new Dogwood Cycleworx moniker. These two split top tube, curved stay bikes were incredible down to the paint.

PBE Bikes Donkelope cycles (2)

PBE Bikes Donkelope cycles (1)

Donkelope Bikes always has some lookers and this 1x, coupled, disc road bike and belt drive, step through townie were no different.

PBE Bike Woody Bike Co

Woody Bicycles had a wooden tri bike hanging from a tree… get it? There was also a wooden tricycle that was pretty rad.

PBE Bike Bells Cycle Alchemy

In the spirit of bikes that stood out against mostly steel and Ti, Bell’s Bike Shop had this custom branded alchemy Arion aero road bike in their booth that was quite well done.

PBE Bike Yokeiseasy

Yokeiseasy is a small builder out of Lancaster, PA that creates steel and Ti tig welded frames out of their family owned machine shop. Nothing super wild, but all of their bikes looked really clean and well built.

PBE bike shand cycle monkey

Shand is a custom and production builder out of Scotland which is now available through Cycle Monkey in the U.S.

PBE Bike Chapman Cycles (1)

PBE Bike Chapman Cycles (3) PBE Bike Chapman Cycles (2)

On the more ornate end of the spectrum, Chapman Cycles had some super shiny builds including a tandem with its own trailer.

PBE Bikes Ciclipolito (4)

PBE Bikes Ciclipolito (2) PBE Bikes Ciclipolito (5)

PBE Bikes Ciclipolito (1) PBE Bikes Ciclipolito (3)

Cicli polito never fails in the lug department. Those curly lugs were wanted by a customer, but they didn’t exist in the right angles for the small frame so they were cut by hand.

PBE bikes Rocinante cycle works (2)

PBE bikes Rocinante cycle works (1)

Rocinante Cycle Works from Astoria, NY stood out with these city/rando bikes that were both understated and ornate at the same time.

PBE Bikes Vintage bikes (4)

PBE Bikes Vintage bikes (6) PBE Bikes Vintage bikes (5)

PBE Bikes Vintage bikes (3)

PBE Bikes Vintage bikes (1)

Showers were also treated to a number of vintage bikes including this impressive collection from the dandy horse to the high wheel.



Cycles ED even had this incredible original ink on linen patent drawing of a fluid drive bike – something that may never have been made but Ed is working on figuring out the drawing’s history. There was also this 1899 Columbia Chainless shaft drive bike that the shaft had been removed to highlight how it works. Think about 1899, and then think about the machining it took to make this thing work!

PBE Bikes Custom HEad Badges (2)

PBE Bikes Custom HEad Badges (3) PBE Bikes Custom HEad Badges (1)

Need something custom for the head tube of your custom bike? Jen from Revolution Cycle Jewelry was on hand showing how it’s done.


  1. M Hirsch on

    Jen is an amazing artist, she made me a custom head tube badge that always gets comments. I’ll be moving it bike to bike until my legs fall off, and it’ll be a family heirloom after that. I can’t recommend her highly enough, it’s probably the best purchase I’ve ever made.

  2. anonymous on

    Uhh, it’s not like in 1899 they didn’t have mills and stuff. Cutting a bevel gear on a mill isn’t much different now as it was back then, except you have an indexing head and someone hand cranking the cross slide instead of CNC motors.

  3. Ryan on

    I hope this is Part 2 of 10. I haven’t seen anything yet on several big names that were there with good stuff, which leads me to believe there must be much more to come!

  4. kc on

    Get a custom headtube badge from Jen Green. She is a joy to work with and makes amazing badges. I’m up for my 10th badge.

    From the site of mr ATMO:At this time, I am not accepting any new commissions.
    What are you doing on a expohow then, dear Richard. Polishing your ego?

  5. henry d on

    Isn’t Sachs pretty much irrelevant now that he is not taking any more orders? (Unless you ride on his team.) Either put up or shut up eRichie!

  6. David J on

    kt, yes that is a Specialized fork on the blue cyclo-cross frame, the client provided that fork to be used on the final bicycle. The red road frame uses an Easton carbon fork both fork were painted to match the colors and schemes of the frames. All paint work is done in house at Dogwood Cycleworx shop.


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