Stowaway bike storage

Riding a bike in the city is great. Living with a bike in the city can be not so great. As housing costs continue to skyrocket in major cities, the size of apartments and even homes can make it difficult to store your bike.

Rather than leave it locked up outside to be destroyed or stolen, or leave it propped up in your hallway taking up room and marking up the walls, Stowaway thought why not use the space on the ceiling? The result is a bike storage unit that makes it easy to make your bike go up, up, and out of the way…

Stowaway bike storage

Far from the first storage device to hoist your bike up with pulleys, what makes the Stowaway unique (as far as we’re aware) is the ability to store the bike flat on the ceiling without actually mounting any of the device to the ceiling. Instead, the device uses a cantilevered arm that is anchored to the wall.

Perhaps more important, is the built in counter weight system which claims to reduce the amount of weight you have to lift by half. Fully adjustable with an integrated cable brake and color coded straps, the Stoway looks to be fairly easy to use.

During their Kickstarter campaign, Stowaway units are selling for $107 for the early bird with about 200 left. Then the price goes up only to $118.


  1. Keeping an eye on these. Would be nice to store a few bikes on the garage ceiling instead of all over the walls where they still take up too much space.

  2. Unless you have really wide mountain bars and/or are over 6’4″ with an 8′ tall ceiling, I don’t see this being a problem. Also, if you set it up so the bars aren’t somewhere you typically walk right under, also, no problem. Sadly though, I have doubts this will get funded. Their goal was way too high for a product like this. Up the price $10 and cut the goal in half or more than half.

  3. In my experience, the apartments where you want to put stuff inside and hanging from the ceiling the most are the apartments with terms in the lease prohibiting you mounting stuff to the wall larger than a tack nail for hanging a picture. My landlord would’ve had an aneurysm if I had mounted one of these…

  4. one of my bikes tires marks my walls. and this thing has to be screwed in. to the ceiling! Thankfully walls can be cleaned and drywall patching is super easy. If you have 3 bikes, no garage and live in 1000 sq ft like me, they are a great solution.

  5. It’s not a bad idea, but good luck letting landlords give you permission to screw it into the walls if your renting.. But I’d have some in my garage for sure

  6. I see the mounting as an issue: two screws spaced an inch apart, one pair 6-8″ below the other, 4 total. they obviously have to be screwed into studs, just sheetrock won’t do. generally sheetrock is secured to 2×4 studs on edge, which is only 1.5″ wide.

  7. Great solution for people that are short enough to not use the top half of their living space. For some of us, the bike would be just one more thing to have to smash our heads on.

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