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While a bit strange looking, the Infinity saddle is far from the most bizarre saddle we’ve seen. Resembling a typical saddle in its silhouette, the Infinity stands out not for what is visible, but by what is missing. Namely, the center of the saddle.

What may seem like a bizarre take on the traditional bike saddle has proven itself through successful Kickstarter, and further refinements to become the N-Series and L-Series saddles that are available today. If the full cutout N-Series is a bit intimidating, the L-Series might be more to your liking…


So just what is going on with this crazy thing? Well, as it was explained to us at Press Camp, the idea is to take the pressure off the pelvic bones. This causes the Glutes to take up more of the brunt of support, but more importantly distributing the pressure more evenly to reduce pressure points. Infinity promises comfort without a break in period as well as a flexible saddle that works with most body types while being fairly light weight.




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As the most minimalistic, the N-Series is also the least expensive Infinity saddle at $170. That may seem like a lot for a completely untested (by you) saddle design, but the company offers a 30 day guarantee for comfort and performance. Weighing in at 210g, the N-Series uses injection molded nylon for the seat and includes steel rails in black chrome, gold, chrome, or copper.

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Using basically the same design as the N-Series, the L-Series adds a covering of top grain cowhide leather to add a bit of padding and a touch of support in the cutout area. If you can’t get over the looks of the N-Series, this might be the winner. Again available with multiple rail colors, the L-Series is available with tan, black, white, red, or blue leather covers for $240. As a little extra incentive to try it out Infinity is offering $25 off any order at checkout with the code “XMAS25” until the end of the year.


  1. I guess I can’t say much because when the SMP saddles first came out, I thought they looked ridiculous and painful. I now own 7.

  2. The could decrease the pressure even further, if they just sold you an empty box. Seatless is the new tubeless. That would even remove the pressure from your glutes!

  3. Am I wrong or are these designs based on a blind assumption that more pressure = more pain?

    I haven’t tested any of these but you don’t have to be a genius to know that the same pressure applied to the skin with a bone undereneath may cause a totally different feeling than the same pressure applied to the skin alone.

    Not judging, just wondering… We’ll see how they work.

  4. “…has proven itself through successful Kickstarter…”

    Really? That is the measure of product efficacy and success? This thing may be the best saddle ever, but successful Kickstarter does prove that.

  5. There was just an article on another cycling website about how half of avid cyclists can’t tell the difference between saddles in a blind test….

    I have a idea for a super light pressure-less saddle…

  6. I really don’t understand bike seats (not saddles). The less you get the more expensive. How, with this little material, can this seat be $240?

  7. Ohh god no, I like to keep my testicles attached to my body.

    If you’ve ever had the nose of a seat catch em on a tech section you’ll appreciate.

  8. @JBike I agree! Kickstarter has its place but it has come increasing abused by established companies. Most recently Culprit decided to do one. These companies now are doing KS for two reasons. Product hype and zero risk product development.

  9. Seems to me that all of your weight is being supported by the two thin side strips. Since pressure is related to surface area, it would stand to reason that you would have very high pressure along that strip and I wonder if their method of measuring pressure was flawed.

    I can’t wrap my head around how that would work, so there’s no way I’d be willing to try it. Even if f it did work, I’d still stick with my WTB Rocket V or Brooks B17 saddles just because of cost. Everything bike related is just getting to be too damned expensive.

  10. I don’t understand the pressure map. There are colors where there is empty saddle.
    Can you add Infinity saddle boundary on the pressure map, please.

  11. Regarding the pressure map, of course there was less pressure detected for this new seat. The person testing it was in so much pain that (s)he partly hovered their butt and just transferred weight to pedals and handlebar.

  12. About the pressure maps, on their website they have the same image, with the caption “Pressure Thermography Images”. The wording implies that the pressure is obtained by measuring the temperature. I have no knowledge of that, but a quick search showed that some researchers do use that (, but I didn’t look for info about the accuracy.
    This would explain why they have points on the pressure map where the saddle is cut out.

    However, the cutout is definitely going to affect the heat transfer (obviously your ass is going to be a lot cooler). Maybe they have a way to correct for that, but it sure seems like a big technical issue…
    The integral of the pressure over the surface is the total force you exert on the saddle, and it’s easy to measure that independently with a sensor on the seat post for instance, so maybe they use something like that to renormalize their pressure maps.
    Or maybe it’s just bullsh*t, who knows.

  13. Received one from the Dr. Infinity himself as a demo. Very Very comfortable, could be a tad bit narrower. The saddle grips your anatomy very well and gives you a lot of support in climbs/corners due the tall back end. The only beef I really had with it was it broke after two weeks of riding.

  14. This could be, and may be, and probably is, the worst idea in the world – I personally can’t imagine hopping on that and for a minute being comfy, especially as I tend to use all the saddle (more forward, more rearward, in the centre) depending what I am doing.

    But what if we are all wrong? I mean, the world ended up not being flat…

  15. The chart literally shows that it increases pressure on the perineal area. That is what causes numbness. So this saddle is designed to only support you on your soft tissues, avoiding the pubic arch. Just terrible. Wow.

  16. I’ve gone through over 20 saddles looking for something that wouldn’t put my privates to sleep. I’ve tried carbon, I’ve tried cutouts, I’ve tried adjustable width, I’ve tried noseless. What I’ve discovered is that ‘surface area’ is the key to reducing/eliminating pressure points. The more of you lower regions providing the support, the less pressure at all points. The saddle that finally worked for me was the SMP San Martin Touring saddle. Bing the image. The saddle is huge. But here’s the thing, after 3 years of riding on it, I’ve never gone numb, not even once. It is so big I actually have two usable positions on it. The key is to install it so that the back half is horizontal to the ground (I wish they would make a model that takes the ‘swoop’ out of the saddle). This does leave the nose a little high, but if the back of the saddle is in the correct position, the high nose won’t get in the way. The downsides of this saddle are the weigh, about a pound heavier than a standard saddle. And the width makes it almost impossible to get off the back of the saddle. But for road and gravel grinding it works great. And zero numbness.

  17. Francois, no need for a sensor. Weight=force. Well, actually, maybe a sensor would be good. Less measured weight at the post would imply compensating for a sh*t saddle by weighting the other points of contact.

  18. I purchased this through Kickstarter to try it out. Over all I had a mediocre experience dealing with the owners but I did get a refund. I decided to make a video review about the seat since there wasn’t really one out there. Here it is.

  19. I invested in the Kickstarter and waited 12 months for the most uncomfortable saddle i have ever ridden, i could only describe it as like sitting on a paint can with no lid on it. I persevered with the recommended position but no, just no.

  20. I check Bike Rumor from time to time, but this is the first time I feel compelled to post. A nice page on an interesting new product. I took Jesse’s advice and checked out their Kickstarter page:

    Holy crow people, look at the comments! You are not looking at one or two dissatisfied customers, but a whole bunch of people who gave their money, waited months with no responses, no refunds, no product. This right here is a business fail; I don’t think Bike Rumor should be giving free advertising to such a recklessly sh-ty company.
    My two cents.

  21. I got mine through the Kickstarer. I read about the idea before I saw it and it made sense. Now I own two, and I have 11 assorted seats that I no longer use. I get support where I need it, and have not had any issues with numbness. Mine has hundreds of miles long and short rides. I’m convinced. And dealing with the folks who made is awsome. They can’t do enough to help out…

  22. I am an avid road racer who owns several high-end road bikes. I never found any type of bicycle seat comfortable. After races, I often would have saddle soars until I accidentally discovered the Infinity Seat. All of my bikes, and even my trainer have Infinity Seats as part of my standard bike equipment. Dr. and Mrs. Marcel have made a positive difference in my training and racing lives. I cannot write a higher recommendation for this product- 5 stars!

  23. I purchased the seat and all I have to say it is awesome.No sore butt at all after going on a 60 mile ride. I highly recommend this seat.You will not be disappointed

  24. This is by far one of the stupidest ideas for a saddle design I’ve ever seen. It’s essentially a$$-backward (pun intended) and was apparently designed by someone who either doesn’t ride much (or at all) or hates cyclists. You WANT your weight to be supported on your bones, not on soft tissue. Perhaps there are people who will actually find this abomination to be comfortable, but I’m certainly not going to try it.

  25. I know I am going to wish I had not said this but,I am a cyclist and I have logged many hours and miles on this seat and You are wrong. We were always told that more padding was better. But then I decided to try an SMP full carbon seat, no padding at all. After a short time to adjust I found it was really comfortable, but I kept wondering what if the slot was larger.The I read Wallocks book, Cycling for life, a great read by the way, and found he was asking the same questions. That took me to Infinity seat, and not wanting to cut up one of my own seats. Anyway long story short, I am afraid you are wrong. I was wondering however how much time you spent on this seat before you decided it was so wrong. Unfortunately I am finding more and more in cycling that people have opinions about things they have never tried simply because someone else told them so. Perhaps you are familiar with the story of the Emperors new clothes…If you try it you will find its a very comfortable seat and great ride…Thanks for the time.

  26. After trying 9 saddles and spending over £1,000 on them I have found myself buying the selle SMP dynamic. However, long winter training miles on rough roads have proven the SMP to be inadequate now too unfortunately….so much so that today I had to get a cortisone injection in my left sit bone (ischial tuberosity is the medical term for sit bone). Plus the doctor told me not to cycle for 7 days. I think this Infinity saddle may be my last hope!! So far in 2016 i’ve done 1,000 miles. I feel ive no other choice and have spent hundreds of hours trawling the internet. I weigh 75kg and am 6ft tall , slim build, road training & racing.

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