Niner’s annual IMBA charity auction has begun, this time a bit earlier than normal. We’re used to seeing bikes (like the JET9 and ROS9 of years past) make their debut around Sea Otter, but this time it’s the finale of their Nine Days of Niner holiday promotion. The bonus? If you win an auction bike, we all win as 100% of those proceeds go directly to IMBA to improve trails worldwide.

The Niner RLT9 Steel IMBA edition takes the second iteration of their gravel road bike introduced in March and adds a custom paint scheme to set it apart. That, and a full complement of Blackburn Design frame racks and bags to get you adventure ready. Details and links below…

All photos ©Niner Bikes

The nine bikes are spread amongst several sizes: 47cm (1), 50cm (1), 53cm (2), 56cm (2), 59 cm (3), and 62cm (1). Each one’s up for bid separately, so you only need to bid on the one that fits you, and they’ll ship (for a small fee) anywhere in the world. Full build details are:

  • Frame: RLT 9 Steel – Custom IMBA Paint
  • Fork: Nine Full Carbon, 15mm
  • Tires: Schwalbe G-One EVI, 700×35
  • Brakes & Rotors: SRAM Force CX1 w. 160/140 rotors
  • Brake Levers: SRMA Force CX1
  • R/ Shifter: SRAM Force CX1
  • F/ Shifter: N/A
  • R / Derailleur: SRAM Force CX1
  • F / Derailleur: N/A
  • Cassette: SRAM XG-1195, 10-42t
  • Chain: SRAM PC 1170
  • Crank Set: SRAM Force CX1
  • Bottom Bracket: SRAM PF30
  • Saddle: Niner Custom with Ni-Cro Rails, Niner Graphic
  • Seat Post: NINER Carbon Seat Post, 400MM,
  • Handlebar: NINER Drop Top Alloy
  • Stem: NINER Alloy Stem
  • Grips: NINER Bar Tape


Both ends of the bike get thru axles, and the front end is fully modern with a tapered head tube and full carbon fork.


Click here to make a bid through eBay. Better hurry, the auctions all close at 1:23pm EST on Friday, December 18th!



  1. As nice as it is (I’d love one), a gravel bike seems more than a little off-message for IMBA. (Fighting snarky ‘flow trail’ comment.)

    At least it doesn’t have batteries and a motor.

  2. Tim A– that was my first thought on seeing this as well. Its beautiful, and I’d love one, but branding a ‘gravel bike’ with IMBA all over it doesn’t inspire confidence in IMBA’s mission or focus right now. Seems like an ROS9 Plus with the bikepacking gear might have been a better choice.

  3. Given IMBA’s current state, I guess we should be surprised it’s not an E-Bike.

    Until IMBA comes out against E-bikes they won’t be getting a penny from me.

  4. Echo the above comments about imba and a road bike.

    Also, always thought it funny that company named Niner, who beat their chest so long about 29ers only, now produces a road bike. And save it, I know the wheels are the same diameter, and this is a ‘gravel’ bike, blah, blah, blah.

  5. I’m surprised at the negativity here. I don’t want this bike either, but I can appreciate how cool it is for some people.

    Is everyone ripping on Niner & Blackburn because they’re big companies attempting to profit from innovation that was done by little guys?

  6. Agree with Will. The bags do not look appealing. Would’ve liked to have seen a collaboration with someone like Porcelain Rocket for this one.

  7. @Will -agreed! They could have at least stuffed the bags to make them appear loaded. They could have also spent an extra ten seconds to source an appropriately sized framebag.

  8. @spokes: Ignoring the IMBA stylings (which, we can all be honest, is asinine on a gravel bike), I was out when I got to “PF30”. YMMV.

  9. thru axles are nice. fork has two bolt water bottle mounting, but not salsa everything cage mounts? if i wanted to put that much stuff on a steel bike and go tour, i’d find a frame with braze ons. a gear ratio lower than 1:1 would also be nice once your loaded up. handsome, but not as utilitarian as it looks at first.

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